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Thread: 6 Years

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    6 Years

    Woke up this morning looked at my clock wow its the time that Trans Verse mylitis took over my body. 8:10 AM -6 years ago. To keep me going i have a journel that i kept about what i could not move back then. Someone was writing it for me because i could not. All I can say to myself I came a long way and I won't stop anty
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    Anty, you are doing great things and have one of the sweetest, most positive nature's in cyberspace. You sound like a great mum too. Anniversaries are hard, and if you are anything like me it will have both dragged and flown. Buy yourself a big cake today?

    I hope 08' brings you lots of luck and joy

    You Rock

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    You are doing great. Anniversaries can be tough but you have some good things going. A great person, a great mom, and a good friend. Go out and celebrate the day (make a phone call, you know what I'm talking about :-) ). Keep up the good work.

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    You have come a long ways. I found that if I keep looking forward like you are things are not quite so bad. Here's hoping to a peaceful, enjoyable day!

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    Anty, Congratulations on the 6 year mark. You are definitely one of the nicest people here, always encouraging others and being kind. I hope you do something today to be kind to yourself. You deserve it! SHOP!!!

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    Your positive attitude is something to be proud of. I hope you do something pleasant for yourself today.
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    Hang in there. I hate anniversaries helped me get through my last one.

    I love ya are a true friend!!
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    Hey little anty, I found this picture on the internet when I searched for "anty." It's the logo from a trucking company. So, I wondered how that could possibly relate to you. After all the magic of the internet couldn't have steered me wrong...

    KEEP ON TRUCKIN' anty!!!

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    Hey anty

    You are a strong woman and amazing person.Keep going forward.You rock.
    Be yourself!!!
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    So good to hear your positive vibes, Anty. Im certain the anniversary aint no fun to reflect on, yet it still gives the incentive to see how well the coming year willl go for you. Much happiness to you this coming year, and keep up the hard work, give hugs to your family and friend. Best wishes to you.......John

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