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Thread: Spinergy Spox Spokes

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    Spinergy Spox Spokes

    I noticed ealier today that one of the spokes on my NEW chair seems to be broken and there is some kind of brown/yellow stuff inside that is coming out (looks like nylon cord). I know they are made of nylon..... I haven't been hard on the chair at all, and as a matter of fact I lectured my kids about being gingerly with the chair and wheels so as to not scuff and scrape it up. Now this!

    Okay, can individual spokes be replaced? Do you think this would this be ANOTHER warranty issue with the dealer - or should I just replace them myself. Is this going to cost me a fortune?

    Aren't these wheels supposed to be a bit more rugged than this? I'm not off-roading or anything! I'm just a mom who drives a Saturn and works a 9-5 job!

    Thanks, all! :-)

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    Spinergy Spox Spokes are supposed to be more durable. The cost for spokes I am unsure of. I have never sold spokes by themselves before. I will do some research and get back to you.

    Jeff Sirko

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    i buy my replacement spokes from sportaid, they stock them. they usually dont break. u probly tore it somehow. i believe they are $4-5 each. im sure colours haqs some as well

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    Spinergy Limited Warranty

    Spinergy wheel products are warranted for one year from date of purchase or four years from date of manufacture against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship.

    check their website. I know there is a specific tension guid you should use with Spox so if your going to have it fixed I would suggest a bike shop that carries Spinergy wheels.

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    Spinergy spokes faiirly tough, but if not properly installed, KABLAM they blowup.

    If they are 26in, then find a bike shop which deals with spineergy. The shop might be able to get the other sizes.'

    A shop could probably even do it as you wait. But trust me, don't do it urself, i've reeplaced steel spokes onn bikes prior to being in a chair, and spineergy's use special tools and the tension has to be proper or they explode.

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    you are the second person that I know of that had spokes break on the spinergy right after they got them. I would contact the company and make sure its not a bad wheel or spoke instalation to begin with...

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    I believe there is a defect in several of the spokes. I've inspected them, and some seem to have some kind of a bulge just before they connect to the hub. This COULD just be a defect in the plastic coating too, but could also be the inside coming out. When I pick up my side guards I am going to point this out to the dealer. They should be willing to replace them. I think my wheels are 24" - or at least that's what the order form says! Thanks everyone.

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    I've read that you use D-Lock's on those Spinergy wheels. Is it possible that the D-Lock caused this problem?

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    Is anyone using the Flexrims on the Spinergy Spox wheels, if so do you like them?
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    D-locks can put a lot of stress on radial spokes right where they connect to the hub - just like drive wheels or disk brakes on bikes. From your description, it sounds like that could be what happened. Do you put much force on the chair when it is locked? If this is what is going on, switching to laced wheels instead of radial spoked should solve it. Has anyone else using d-locks busted a lot of spokes at the hub end?

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