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Thread: New printer suggestions?

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    New printer suggestions?

    I'm looking to replace my printer. I'd like to get an all in one. I've been looking around, comparing and checking cost of refills. I usually send my pictures out to get developed but I would like to be able to print photos for the times I only need 1 or 2 pictures done. Does anyone have a printer they like/dislike?

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    I have had a HP psc 750xi for about eight years and have never had a problem with it. Have found that the HP online chat system works great if a problem should come up. For other then commercial needs, you should be able to get a good all in one injet for about $100.00. Even if you don't get the fax capability there are a lot of free downloadable fax programs available. I have found that if you really don't buy more capability then you really need you can save a bit of money.

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    Last I checked Canon was the cheapest for cost per print considering ink $$$. Check into the Pixma series for an all in one machine.

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    Lexmark 9350....And it's wireless.

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    goto . Epson printers print beautifully. If you're looking to save costs on a printer and ink go with a CIS (continious ink supply) system. The link I gave you includes the printer and the CIS system. I have the Epson R380 (the one in the middle) with a CIS system from Print On A Dime and its awesome. You but ink in bulk from them and fill up the CIS tanks and save atleast 90% on ink. I bout $35 of bulk ink and it has gone through probably about 4 cartidges worth and my tank are still half full... It would of cost me $120.00 to replace all of them one time. Their ink is comparable if not better than Epsons too. This might sound like a sell up but if you wanna save ALOT money and get a great printer go with one of these. I've had my printer a tear this xmas and no troubles. The CIS system isn't that hard to install either; just wear some gloves . Hope I've helped. You honestly can't go wrong with one of these and I wouldn't be typing this all out if I wasn't so pleased with it all. Take sometime and browse their site, research CIS systems and look up reviews for those Epsons! Happy Holidays

    I see you're bout the same level as me so you'll need someone to help you set it up but once its setup its sweet!

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    Thanks everyone. Looks like I have some comparing to do.

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    HP printers are excellent. I have had several. I think I am going to go with Canon Pixma this time though as I only want one for photos.
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    I have a PIXMIA IP4000 that I bought last year and the pictures are indistinguishable from some regular pictures I've seen using my Canon SD1000 7.1 megapixel camera that I just got.. I just printed up a bunch of 4 x 6 pictures to send to my dad for Christmas. They look awesome. I bought them both on the Internet from which has incredible prices and great shipping and almost everything there as customer reviews on it so you get a good idea of the pros and cons of anything you're looking at. I hope this helps.
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    Whatever you do ultimately choose to go with, select a LASER printer and it would be handy to have wireless built in. These two features are no longer FUTURE, they are present and it should be an easy standard to adapt to as you are able to get a laser printer for about 100 bucks.

    I have bought a laser printer from this store netfreez just 2 months before the summer, check it out. but you have tigerdirect, newegg and many others, your choice.

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