I'm a:
* c7-c8 incomplete quad
* 30 years status post
* independent in most cases
* in good health
* 50 years old

I'm having increased spasms from my quads to my ribs/sides. It pulls like or contracts/squeezes. Very uncomfortable. It effects my breathing to a degree for a while. Or when I do my bowel program my sides pull or spasm. I tried/wanted decreasing Baclofen last year. But my spasms intensified. And the pain/discomfort was worse. Right now I'm a taking 60 mg. q.i.d. My GP knows nothing about SCI. She is referring me out to a specialist who happens to be a quad!

Is anyone else having this problem? If so what are you doing to offset it if possible?

My B&B are great. Everything else is fine. Sometimes it hurts so bad I can barely move around. I cannot lay flat on my back. Working out, stretching, leg ex. machine helps to a degree. Not much My wife who is a fitness trainer/massage therapist works on me periodically. That helps short term.

Any input appreciated. I've overcome and beat a lot of odds in my lifetime. But this pain scenario I can't figure out I wonder if it's related to aging SCI, scoliosis and sitting for 30 years? Probably gonna have to live with it like everything else.

Any suggestions or related experiences welcome.