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Thread: I'm really nervous about getting a bladder augmentation

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    We do not stop these medications [baclofen and neurontin] for surgery unless the patient will be totally NPO after surgery. In this case we taper off over the 1-2 weeks prior to surgery (since neither can be given by injection or IV)..

    SCI-Nurse (KLD)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProudMom

    Mimi wanted to know from those who underwent the surgery, or similar, if you had pneumatic socks.
    The device that inflates and deflates around your legs while in bed?
    Yes, had them.
    Also had to wear the thigh high compression socks always.
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    Quote Originally Posted by november
    The device that inflates and deflates around your legs while in bed?
    Yes, had them.
    Also had to wear the thigh high compression socks always.
    Good point, same here.

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    Shavua Tov Mimin,
    A few people have messaged me that I should say a few words to you. I hope you are doing well and I am glad your Ima is with you and that the procedure went well, b'hashem. I continue to wish you a refuah shleima and much hatzlacha with your new life. I say a Mi Sheberach on your behalf. proudMom, I am glad you are here. Perhaps you can tell us Mimin's Hebrew name if you do not think Mimin would mind. It was nice talking to you the other night in the chatroom.

    kol tuv
    yaakov tzvi ben yisroel chaim/ ben Leah sarah

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProudMom
    She has gotten out of bed and has been sitting in her wheel chair.
    That's good news, it promotes healing.

    Quote Originally Posted by ProudMom
    Yes, it was a long flight. I arrived the day before the pre-op. Thanks for being so sensitive.

    I thank you for all your support - to Mimi and to myself. You're a great bunch.
    The appreciation goes to you for being there for her. She is very likable and has made many friends here, you might check out this thread of people wishing her well, maybe you saw it:

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    Oh Mimi I'm sorry you're having pain. 14 hours sounds like a long time, longer than my doc implied [if he can't use my appendix for the mitro and has to use the illeum he said he might as well "slap a piece" on my bladder, lol he's a card]. Good that you're up and about tho, hope you're well soon and telling me it was worth it
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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    Proudmom, please tell Mimin that I'm thinking of her. It's hard to believe right now but everything she is going through will be well worth it in the end. I had it done and the independence she will gain will feel like a whole new life. Maybe you could print all these well wishes and let her see how much she is missed and thought of. You're a special mom, I can tell because I have one also who never left my side. Thinking of you both.

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    I'm a bit tired tonight so I won't give much of an update.

    Mimi is improving. This evening the doctor added fruit juice to her diet. Tomorrow, some food like cream of wheat, and other liquids. Hard time to sit in the chair today b/c of pain in the butt. Since her pains have subsidized, the pain management team wasn't called in today but she asked for them to return. Also asked to see a neurologist as she's sweating buckets around her neck which she hasn't experienced since the accident.

    The room is very small. It originally was to have 4 beds and they added a 5th bed to the "aisle" of the room. Mimi's cubice is about 2 x 2 1/2 metres. It fits a bed, one chair and barely her wc. It's very hard to navigate in the room, with the IV and the caths. It takes 3 ppl to sit her on the wheel chair since the staff doesn't have experience with SCI, there's no room and one person has to hold all the tubes.

    One thing for sure, if anyone decides to undergo any serious hospital procedure, you should be accompanied with someone who is familiar with SCI care. Thank goodness her caregiver and I are there. The staff doesn't know how to properly "set" the legs and butt on the bed to avoid pressure sores, range of motion exercises, etc. etc.

    Mimi asked the doctors if they stopped giving her the regular meds during the operation and immediately after. They all said she was getting them but we're still not sure. At any rate, it seems she's back on her routine, give or take a couple of hours based on this hospital's schedule.

    There is wireless at the hospital and she tried to go on line but it was difficult in her position. She was happy to hear from you. I tried printing this thread but I'm having problems with her connections. I'm a dinosaur when it comes to computers.

    Sean, her Hebrew name is Michal Sharona bat Rachel Ruth.

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    Oops! Subsided, not subsidized. I must have thought about my work!

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    Please give her many hugs!

    I'm happy to hear that she's getting up and back on track w/ her meds. I hope the pain is getting at a tolerable level.I hope her ad(sounds like the sweating) gets better too!

    Tell her, I too, am looking forward to hearing how worthwhile it is.


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