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Thread: Pimple or pressure sore?

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    Pimple or pressure sore?

    My boyfriend (c5 sci) has 2 spots on his posterior iliac spine that are often red after being in the chair all day. (He wears a corset due to scolisois and it rubs on those spots, even tho I have sewn sheepskin on to soften the hard edges) We are waiting for the new custom corset.

    These patches are always red, yet lose their redness after a while. I am paranoid about them and check his skin every am and pm.

    He has a few little pimples around this area, (not where the pressure is), but now I have seen one that is right in the middle of the pressure area. I think it is a pimple not the start of a sore, and so does his LVN, but I am just not sure.

    Is there any way to tell a pimple from a starting pressure sore? He had a really bad one on his sacrum when he first had his accident, but by the time the hospital caught it, it was well developed and I have no idea what the beginning of one looks like?

    Any advice would be appreciated. THanks so much.

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    A small pimple is not of concern, but if the skin is inflammed around the pimple, or it is filled with pus, then pressure should be kept off the area.

    A pink or red area that does not blanch and does not fade in 20-30 minutes is a Stage I pressure ulcer. All pressure should be kept off of it until it fades, then for another period that is twice that amount of time. For example, if it takes 24 hours to fade, you must keep all pressure off it for 3 days (24 + 48 hours).

    A pre-ulcer will blanch and fades in less than 30 minutes. It is a warning that if you don't change skin precautions, you can easily move on to a Stage I or more serious pressure ulcer.


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    Pressure Sores look like pimples sometimes when they start out.
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