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Thread: New Methadone Restriction Question

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    if i was to go thru a methadone that a PAIN?

    i was thinking of trying methadone. pain dr's here suck. after 7 yrs of hurting i finally got lucky an found a doc to perscribe me oxy but he's 80+ yrs old so ya know how long this'll last, ha.

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    PMN - I , too, am shocked at the behavior of that physician group. I am so sorry for you.

    I don't understand if you were getting along well on your daily 160mg, functioning in the working world, happy, and engaged in life, why anyone would change your dose.

    I was on Methadone and getting off it was one of the most horrible, difficult things I have ever done, and I have climbed El Cap in Yosemite 6 times as well as alpine climbed to 23,000 ft in Peru. Nothing was as difficult as getting off Methadone.

    I have struggled with post SCI neuropathic and spine pain for 6 years and my philosophy has changed in regards to narcs which I have had a love/hate relationship.

    I now believe that it is worth taking what you need to get your life back. The goal isn't to get off them, it is not possible .

    I hope you find a better doctor who treats you like a person.


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