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    Question Shoulder pain

    The muscles in my shoulder are extremely weak. I had been noticing some weakness over the past week but that happens every so often and it gets better so I wasn't worried about it. Last night while texting my shoulder popped, my arm almost went limp and was extremely weak for three or four minutes. A gradually got better but the pain remained. It was bearable so I didn't call anyone (I know stupid move). Anyway after I got up this morning that pain is still remaining and I did not have enough strength to even feed myself. Just to pick up a cracker I had to use both hands to get to it.

    I had my private nurse look at it and by chance the home health nurse came by also. Both say it's inflamed, swollen and doesn't want to really stay in the socket. So I call the doctor and have an appointment this afternoon but I'm not sure what could be going on. Could this be arthritis or calcium buildup that has broken loose and causing problems? Has anyone had something like this happen? I know the doctor's appointment is probably going to be a waste of time because all he is going to do is refer me to an orthopedic.

    I normally don't worry about it but it's not getting better this time as it normally does.

    add: stupid doctors call at 2:30 p.m. to tell me that my orders for x-rays are ready and for me to try to get them done before 3:15 p.m. appointment. I'm not superman.
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    Since your shoulder muscles are already weak at your level of injury, I suspect you have an acute subluxation or dislocation of your shoulder. If you have not torn anything (which may require an MRI, not just an Xray to determine) there are some exercises and positioning you can do to decrease the possibility of this happening again. Your physiatrist should refer you to a PT or OT who is experienced in shoulder problems for those with SCI who can set up a routine exercise program for you.


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    Heath, how'd it go at the docs today?

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    Not very good so far after waiting all day they call me at 230 to go get x-rays before my 315 appointment. What a joke so I go to the appointment without the x-rays. As I suspected they put me on Celebrex to help control the inflammation until we could get the x-rays back. There are also leaning toward doing an MRI but I have no idea what kind of metal is in my neck so we are in the process of trying to find that out. So I'm not even sure if I can have an MRI or not.

    Subluxation was mentioned and that is a great possibility. I would imagine physical therapy would be in the near future. Meanwhile the pain continues, I really didn't get anything accomplished, I'm still extremely weak. The joy of living in a small town. My doctors are very good, if they don't know they are not afraid to ask someone but they are very methodical in the way they do things. Step by step till they find the problem.

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