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Thread: Blogger vs Wordpress

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    WP has loads of options and can be fun to hack around with. If you host on your own you may have to do occasional updates... it is sometimes a pain.
    Good Luck!

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    Thanks PN, Maximillian and Chaz for your replies.

    I feel kind of dumb about this but I got all frustrated today trying to find out why I couldn't access the plugin tab in my administrator profile. Turns out you can't use any plugins with a WordPress hosted blog, only stand alone installs. A big thanks to Katja for finding out this information for me.

    So as much as I would like to use Wordpress I think I will wait until I can host my own blog since the plugins were one of the things that got me curious about Wordpress. Right now that's not feasible but maybe a good project for the new year.

    Thanks again everybody for your feedback
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    When you are ready to host your own blog running on WordPress, just give me a holler. Will assist if needed. Have fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by maximillian
    Wordpress doesn't handle the traffic, its mostly due to your hosting or your server set up (if you're running you're own server) that can't handle the traffic.

    In my experience, Wordpress is the better choice, Its wide-spread and supported by many communities, IMO its the better choice.

    i thinkhtnik they are talking about the free word press hosting that word press provides, ther eis the free hosting and having your own hosting .
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    i have a couple question on hopsting, i pplan on using wordpress for my blog on a go daddy site.
    first quation i havwe is the security privacy feature they co sell, th esire i plan on setting up ui want provacy so irate peopl ewont be harrassing me.
    i contacted the security somain site, and i asked about their policy as far as relesing infromation to leo. a subphean i could understadn had have no problem with , but they alko ssay they will rease information in a informal investigation.
    i wanted to know what their criteria was for a informal investigation and they just sent me to a boiler plate garbage statement.
    it is way too common for private investigators that have good contacts in the police departments, and police officers that make a unauthorized inquiry for information., the privacy company would have no idea that it is unauthorized.
    the cops who wife disappeared , they did some research and found out he was doing investigations of family members and neighbors not in the scope of his official duties.
    any suggestions on better privacy companies
    cauda equina

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    1) sober up mike.

    2) don't worry about any of godaddy's extra crap that they try to sell. i use them as my domain registrar (for over a dozen domains) and never add any extra options.

    3) use a company that specializes in hosting, e.g. (i use these guys).

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    crap scott i wish i could have a beer,
    i bought about 5 domain names from go daddy, their web site is extremely confusing, i believe they give you 5 pages free hosting with each domain registration, if i need more i will get more.
    then they call and try to sell you the privacy service, which i would want, however i doubt it is that private.
    this happen to people i know in ny , alternative transportation advocates, they started documenting the city employee's using forged parking placards to park illegally all over the city. they made a web site called uncivil servants, and they had pictures of the private vehicle blocking sidewalks, crosswalks, h/c space. the civil servants didn't like getting outed so they started calling the whois info and threatening them , all kinds of stuff, posted the picture of of one on the guy on a pro cop site to keep on the lookout , where he lived and worked , so the local precincts could stop and harass him. the nypd did the same with a tv reported that was doing a special article eon the same thing, called his house all hours of the day, posted his address and phone pictures type if car he had , license plates on a pro cop website.
    cauda equina

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    The godaddy free pages are all advertising supported, metro-Mike. It's a clunky interface and not very versatile. I'm not really impressed with any of their hosting packages either, although I've purchased a # of domains from godaddy. A lot of my coworkers use 1and1 webhosting.

    You can get godaddy domains by proxy service if you don't want your name/contact information to be displayed in whois data, however, it's not really any kind of legal protection or real expectation of privacy. Godaddy's domain-by-proxy services maintains "absolute right and power, in its sole discretion and without any liability" to reveal your personal information to whomever they choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan_nc
    A lot of my coworkers use 1and1 webhosting.
    I'm not a fan of these guys. I just moved a client site that sees > 30k visitors/day to Eleven2 b/c 1and1 decided to change the site's IP w/o notifying the client. This resulted in a full day of downtime & a scramble of trying to figure out what caused the site to go down. They thought it was something else initially & almost made a $$$$ server upgrade all b/c 1and1's support department is retarded.

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    Whoa that totally bites, Scott. Any unscheduled outage is unacceptable and a full day of downtime is outrageous! It is too bad, because 1and1 pricing seemed quite competitive and all my coworkers seemed pretty happy with the service. I'll have to check out Eleven2.

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