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Thread: What is the best USB headset for Dragon?

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    What is the best USB headset for Dragon?

    I have the newest version of Dragon naturally speaking, but I'm having a problem finding a good microphone. The best microphone I ever had was a Plantronics USB DSP 100, but that broke.

    Right now I'm using a Audio 625 Plantronics USB, but to me it doesn't seem to work that well. I have two of them one for my laptop and one for my computer, and am experiencing the same problems with both. The microphone always seems to be very faint, and you have to have the microphone real close to your mouth in order for it to pick up anything (like a quarter inch away from your lips), and then when you play back your recording my voice sounds very soft, almost like when I was talking the microphone was 5 feet away from me. I've fooled around with the recording volume and has even had it all the way up, and still have the same problem.

    I've also tried the Plantronics USB foldable headset, and that worked really good. The only problem was that it is a cheap design and it broke very easily because it folds.

    I'm willing to spend the money if I can find a good microphone, but just can't seem to come across one. I figure I'd make a post here and ask, before I go out buying another one.

    Any suggestions?
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    I was having that problem till I got a USB pod, check out the discussion here regarding microphones and USB pods:

    Good luck!

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    usb w/ a plantronics has improved my accuracy w/ the laptop and version 8
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    The KnowBrainer guys (who are NatSpeak experts) they have reviewed microphones and even developed their own (they have also modified some microphones to be more user friendly). Here's the link to their comparison page:

    - Bill :-)
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    I had some issues getting it going at first but the Blue Parrot VXi b150 GTX Bluetooth microphone was my favorite after trying a bunch of others.

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    Dec 30, 2007

    Samson makes the C01U and C03U USB condenser microphones which exhibit a large 19 mm diaphram.

    These microphones do not need a pre-amp and they exhibit excellent audio characteristics when compared to other microphones in the same price range.

    Note that Samson's recommended "spider mount" is not required to obtain satisfactory vibration isolation. A mount exhibiting equal or better vibration isolation can be made for as little as $15.


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    Thanks everybody for the information above, but I just realized that he that heading for my question I put "microphone". I should have put "headset." Sorry about that. I'm not crazy about using microphones, I'd much rather have something on my head. My bad...

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    The link in my post above rates headset microphones for use with Dragon. And those guys really know their stuff.

    - Bill :-)
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    Thanks Bill... I just ordered the boom O

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