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Thread: under-seat storage for Crossfire / ZR / Razorblade / etc. ??

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    huh. I actually have that Kuschall version lying around here somewhere. I ordered it a few months ago & meant to send it back, but I'll mess with it again. Thing is the two straps on the back of it are meant to wrap around rear downtubes of a frame, and I have none on my chair, as my rear STF height is as low as it can go... so I wrote it off... but will tinker w/ it again. Thanks.

    Scott - I did not attach mine to any down tubes...I attached it to the camber tube on the chair. The from it attached to the caster housing downtubes (the tubing that is on an angle from the footplate to the caster housing).The straps are a little I wrapped them around the camber tube a couple of times...but depening upon where you want it to sit...the length may be beneficial for you.
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    The link I put was already posted. Allegro medical has some of their packs on sale though.

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    I don't know why these are so hard to find. I have exactly what you are looking for. The advantage bag co. makes a net to go under that type of chair, but they don't even have it on there own web site (I don't know why.) I just spent the last 15 min looking for it on their site but its not there. I know they make it cause its under my chair as I type this. It has small built in sides cause there isn't a frame to strap it to, mesh bottom with straps just in the front and back. I got it a few years ago when I switched to my quickie TI and my old net (like this one didn't work ) I just bought a second one last week for 37.50 from Leeden wheelchair in Pheonix. The number is 480 -066-2372. Talk to Jeff and tell him you need the advantage net that is for the quickie ti and other like framed chairs. Trust me it will work perfect.
    PS Tell him I told you to call and its the same one I just bought last week.

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    Here is the Advantage catch all BJH mentions. The pic of it on the Advantage Bag web site doesn't do it justice. It is item WH190 and is available from SportAid for $31.50. SportAid's pics show it installed on a Crossfire....

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    sweet, thanks! i'll get a couple pics of mine soon.

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    Wish I could use something like that but living in NH everything would be soaked if I left in the bottom sling, or the sling itself would be wet wehn I went to put something in it after being outside in the snow at all. Maybe when the weather gets better --good summer product.

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    I live in NH and use one and love it. Never had a problem with snow using it.

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