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Thread: How do I store urine sample over night?

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    How do I store urine sample over night?

    Another suspected UTI. Got a rx for cipro pending c&s but lab was closed before sample was collected. Now need to keep sample and deliver it tommorrow. How do I store it over night? Room temp or fridge? Thanks for any advice. Nancy

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    Put the sample container in the fridge.

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    If you have another container a fresh sample would be better

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    Thank you. I'll have to put it in the fridge, that was our last container.
    thanks for your help, Nancy

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    While at the lab ask for some extra containers to keep on hand. My local lab has no problem giving me two or three to have on hand in case I need them. That way they can always get a fresh sample.

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    Agree with refrigeration of the freshest sample you can get.


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