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Thread: glycerin vs magic bullet

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    glycerin vs magic bullet

    I was wondering if there was a preference between the two. I'm just trying not to get dependant on suppositories if possible. is Glycerin ( liquid kind) non habit forming? Manual evac just doesn't seem to be doing it anympore. Thanks.

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    Here are 2 posts that addresss your quesiton. Please ask if you have further questions.


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    thanks for pointing me there, I'm still wondering about the possibility of dependancy and whether my bowl will get "lazy" with suppositories. But at the moment manual evac is too tough to do. What would you suggest?

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    Unfortunately, due to your spinal cord injury, your bowel is not working as it needs to. If a manual is not enough, youcould always first try things like increasing you diet with fiber, stool softener like Colace and increasing your fluid intake. Also, some people find drinking coffee or warm fluids quickly help to stimulate evacuation. Everyone is different.

    If these don't work (and they don't for many people), beginning a suppository 3 x weekly has few side effects. Using a suppository has many less side effects than taking bowel stimulants by mouth.


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