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Thread: Crazy squirrels

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    Crazy squirrels

    I received this in an email and thought I'd share it. If you've seen it before, my bad.

    Dirty little rats.. lol


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    That was too cute! I need that second squirrel around when I'm having a sugar fix! Nobody can say squirrels are dumb after seeing that! Cool video.

    LOL! I just watched it again (couldn't resist). Note the background music... Perfect choice!!!
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    now I know why that machine ripped me off!! man i feel bad for taking the baseball bat to it now

    I saw that on discovery channel they were trying to see what they would go through to get a free meal..they will do some crazy shit for a peanut

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    LOVED IT !!

    Great obstacle course.

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    I felt like I was watching a video game, especially when the squirrel was waiting for just the right moment to jump. Early Mario. Cool video!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaeRae
    Dirty little rats.. lol
    Too cute! I don't remember which comedian it was, but somebody said that squirrels are just rats with fuzzy tails and good PR.


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    They are in the rodent family, so I call them rats lol.

    I find them cute, but very pesty.

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    We have a strictly enforced 40 yard tree rat exclusion zone around the house ever since the little b*%&£$)s got into the attic, stripped out the insulation and chewed through electricity cables!

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