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Thread: Christmas Bonus Input

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    I would just add, know the rules. For example, if you are getting your attendant care funded by IHSS (in CA) you are NOT allowed to give any additional money to your PCA beyond their PCA pay. You can give them a gift, but it cannot be cash.

    Many home health agencies also do not allow their staff to accept cash gifts, and may have a limit to the value of a non-cash gift.

    Know the polices for any funding agencies before you do anything. The employee can get into trouble, and you can even possibly jepordize your funding for care.

    Of course if you are entirely private pay, then it is up to you and your circumstance.


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    Does anyone give a bonus on their birthday?

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    KLD, Do those non-cash gifts include, say, someone's grandmother baking up a bunch of holiday treats for the aides that William-Sonoma would charge $$$$$$$$$ for ? Just a question a friend had.

    Mimim, here in the US that would be above and beyond but if the person has been with you a long time, why not? Keeping or even finding help is difficult in places. You do everything you can to keep good aides.
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