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Thread: What would you say to this ass, er sorry - guy??

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    Question What would you say to this ass, er sorry - guy??

    If you could have 10 mins with him? His was a comment responding to this campaign (posted in another thread here). The discussion turned to AB's in WC spots etc....

    For the love of cheese, you people are ridiculous, and by you people i not only mean the cripples and their immediate families who are such advocates but anyone who tries to force people to be sensitive to issues that don’t concern them. I am COMPLETELY AGAINST legislation that requires special consideration for anyone. It’s not the job of the government or the walking public at large to make sure you can go to the mall. YOUR disability is YOUR issue. If it diminishes your quality of life to the point where living is uncomfortable or unfairly difficult then maybe you should look into euthanasia. Humanity has never had this problem before because the strong survived and the weak died. By paying so much attention to mentally, physically, and emotionally challenged people we are allowing them to be more a part of society and to normalize their conditions and behaviors, thus allowing defective humans to breed more freely, thus allowing defective genetic stock to become more prevalent. I don’t have a problem with anyone participating in society to the best of their ability. My problem lies in a government legislating acceptance and requiring acquiescence to persons based not on their own merit but based solely on their disability. I’m prepared to receive your righteous indignation, but just as your right to park at the front of the store is protected, so is my right to remind you that not being able to maintain bipedal movement for whatever reason is NOT typical for the human species. A 3 legged cat is crippled, handicapped, or disabled and so is a one legged man. Call it what you want but a rose by any other name would smell as sweet and vice versa for a pile of crap. GET OVER YOURSELVES.
    Signed Jeremy, no surname - funny that!

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    You have got to be kidding! Obviously legislation could not stop defective people from procreating because he is here on this planet spewing his crap! It is mean...but I hope that someday he is in our situation and sees first hand what it is like to basically be chained to your house 24 x7.

    Edited to add this...the constitution states that ALL men are created according to the rules by which this country was founded is not only right...but legal to yell for equality for all of us...not just stupid people who have no clue.
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    He's an idoit, period!

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    I bet if he was in an accident or fell off of his pedistool he will be joining the forums and wanting advice. Hate consumes and so does ignorance. You wonder which one will be his undoing first!

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    Hey Jeremy, legislation is also protecting you. It keeps me from putting a bullet in the heads of people that do nothing more than piss me off. So, this government that gives me close parking, is also keeping a$$holes like you alive.
    Stupidity ain't illegal, but it sure is inconvenient.

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    Talking they are always out there

    Must be an offspring of Hitler or a republican.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
    Bob Seger

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    He's the typical macho asshole that starts a fight in the emergency room because he's panicking over a split finger nail and has to wait.

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    wow I want to sci him asap.
    Then when he is in a wheelchair/powerchair slap him with his own leg bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee
    wow I want to sci him asap.
    Then when he is in a wheelchair/powerchair slap him with his own leg bag.
    LOL, mr coffee.

    This fool doesn't deserve any of my time. I wouldn't say a damn thing to him. Hopefully fate will catch up with him one day!

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    Somebody can't get laid and is distressed the cripples are getting all the boo-tay!

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