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Thread: mild thickening of bladder wall

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    mild thickening of bladder wall

    i went in for a ct on my pancreas (turned out ok) but they noticed thickening of the bladder wall. i folllowed up with an MRI which resutled in "Mild thickening of the bladder wall" my pcp stated she never saw this before as I have no symptoms. when i google this i get 50 million results about cancer. can there be another cause for this. im plannig to follow up with a urologist but would like some general info. im male - 33 and a moderate smoker. any info would be very appreciated.

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    I have that and trabeculation also. My urologist said it was no big deal. I believe he said with an SCI the bladder wall thickens over time due to expansion and contraction (and perhaps over-contraction in my case) and it lays down collogen on the bladder wall further reducing the ability of the bladder muscles to squeeze urine out. I was experiencing difficulty when I voided using a condom drainage set up at the time. Went to intermittent catheterization and all is well.

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    I agree that bladder thickening is occasionally reported as a finding on CT.
    It is good to keep track of but I have not found it to be clinically important in and of itself.

    What it does mean is that you should have regular bladder exams including ultrasound yearly for stones, etc and have
    regular cystoscopy done to visually examine your bladder and take a bopsy of any susppicious area. The frequency of cystoscopy is based on your method of bladder management and history-usually every 1-2 years.


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    thank you both - i should know better than to search for answers to these types of questions through a google search

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    And I recently saw my urologist and he prescribed Oxybutynin. He said that it is a muscle relaxer that will keep the bladder walls from thickening.

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