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Thread: Taking the dog for a walk?

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    Taking the dog for a walk?

    I miss taking my dog for a walk and I need the exercise so i want to use my manual chair instead of the scooter. I'm sure there is someone out there that has a simple answer that I am overlooking. Trying to hold the collar in one hand just doesn't cut it. My dog only weighs 45 lbs but he is a stout shar pei that is strong enough to pull me around if he gets too close to the road or decides to chase a squirrel.

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    ha,ha..I could tell you the nightmare story of me and my staffy a week after my lamenectomy or I could give you some quik advice..

    I'll save the nightmare for later (actually funny now)

    have a lead that is about 6-8 ft make sure your dog walks well on a leash and pray to the gods he/she does not take you for the ride of your life.

    there are several ppl on here that have service dogs, I'm sure they will jump in and give a bit of advice

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    I have two leashes...a 6 foot leash that I wrap around my hand a couple of times so that she cannot pull...and a retractable leash. My boyfriend ties the 6 foot leash to his chair. My dog has learned her boundaries...and knows she cannot go bolting off with us. It took some training...but she learned. She is 46 pounds she can learn...any doggie can!
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    I attach Wonder Dog to my chair with a leash. She has learned to stay to one side and not pull. She keeps her pace to match mine.

    When I roll faster outdoors she gets uber excited and always barks her approval.

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    Thumbs up Go for it!

    Piece of cake, pit bulldogs, Rottweilers and now my black lab. Shar pei is usually damn smart animal, shouldn't be a problem using verbal commands, maybe tug the leash occasionally. Practice, practice on deserted roads or trails etc.. Enjoy, it's about the only thing that gets me out of the house.

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    My dog, Fuzzy, she took to a leash and hung with me like she was trianed to do it.I got her when she was a puppy in WV. She has also got me out of some places or I would have been stuck. In FL, we go just a getting it. The neighbors stop and watch us. The bad thing where I live is other people's dogs attacking us. I have a Rascal now. We go way out in the woods. And I have a little dog that goes too.(Scooter)

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    My little guy pulls my chair like a carriage. He's 15 pounds. Be wary of tying a 45 pound dog to your chair, I knew a guy in PT that broke his hip via Dalmation. Dog walking is my life LOL, I wish it would warm up!

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    Thank you Betheny, I was starting to think I had the only stubborn dog around. My husband has never tried walking the dog with his chair but I do use a "pincher" collar on mine. Its not a choker but it actually pinches the skin if they pull too hard on the lead. It only took my dog twice to learn not to pull. I have an Austrailan cattle dog and they are stubborn and strong - works like a charm.

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    I used a retractable leash with my old dog. He was nearly 100 lbs and could pull me over if he went after a rabbit. The training years were fun. Once the bugs got worked out he really was an amazing help. He could pull me all over the place and quite fast. He helped dig snow if I got stuck. He'd pick things up. I could go on and on. I miss that old dog.

    Anyways, the retractable has a handhold, I wrapped a rag around the handle so that there was a narrow opening. Then I shoved it onto the wheelchair arm. If I wanted him to pull I would grab the line and shake it then say pull.

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    Thanks for the posts....he's pretty good on a leash but he thinks every smell, sound or animal/person is a potential security threat and has to investigate it.
    Quadvet yes shar pei's are smart....unbelievable how smart they are..but stubborn like I can't believe. When he gets mad he sits down so he can barely see you out of the corner of his eye and a pouting little kid. They are great animals and I would have a hard time getting one from another breed.
    I like the idea of the retractable leash on the arm, but i don't have arms or back handles on my new chair....I'll have to rig something up to hook it to the chair....Thanks again everyone

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