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Thread: What's your weight?

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    I was 5'5" and 123 pounds when I was injured in 6/81. I went down to about 100, then, after my year (9/84 to 9/85) at Walker Institue in L.A., I weighed 112. I'm now back to around 100.


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    before sci 50 yr old size 5 about 125 now hmmmm
    wear size 12 think i am about 130. lol before sci no boobs now i do don/t need belly before sci now i think i am carring triplets lol

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    5"11 225 before, lost down to 207 in rehab

    back to 240 now, can't seem to get any weight off, I only eat supper!

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    Before injury: 5'7'' 120 lbs.

    In hospital: Went down to 98 lbs!

    Now: 5'7'' 115-120 lbs.
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    I'm about 5'4", it changed daily before (don't ask how that worked!) Before the acident, I wieghed between 130-140. Now, 1yr post injury, I estimate 120ish. My quadbelly doesnt help me look that size tho, but who cares!

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    Hard to measure the height after 33 years but I was 6'1" pre. I weigh 185 and it has been steady for 15 years.

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    How/where/on what are you guys weighing yourselves?

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    im 5' 7'', pre SCI 135-140, nowadays 115-120, maybe less, i think i've lost a few pounds since last time i checked. i was told by SCI standards that i'm overweight, but i don't see how i weigh myself at the SCI clinic; they have one of those scales you roll on and just subtract the weight of your chair.

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    I weighed 180 pre-sci. Droped down to 160 in the hospital, then I gained up to 200+. I've lost weight since then, last time I was weight over a year ago I was down to 190. I'm curious as to what I weigh now, I've lost some fat and put on some muscles.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm 6 ft. even when I could stand.

    Originally posted by Stephen:

    How/where/on what are you guys weighing yourselves?
    When they weighed me, I rolled up on a scale, then transfered to a chair and they weighed my wheelchair and subtracted the difference.

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    I'm C6 quad and pre-SCI I weighed 175-185 at a short height of 5'6", now about 15 months post injury I weigh 170-180.

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