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Thread: What's your weight?

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    I'll add more input

    injury level: T-5 pretty much complete

    functioning level t-5 ish

    time since injury 4-18-04 7:15pm

    time weight has been stable: It's been stable before injury and well after 6 weeks post injury it's been pretty stable since

    health status Pretty good for a SCI

    height 6'3-6'4

    weight 143 last time i weighed.

    gender A guy

    activity level In my mind not very active. But difficult to compare activity level prior to injury to now.

    I found the last body pic before my injury.
    Plus I took 2 pictures today on my camera phone today. Not the greatest but it gives you an idea.

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    Varian, you look MUCH BETTER today (I am serious)
    Even with that (damn) towel coverin ya up (%!#@$!!)

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    you have abs! I thought t5 meant no abs. I'm officially very jealous. punk, no fair.

    injury level- c5/c6

    function- t2ish

    time since injury- a little over two years

    time weight has been stable- really hasn't been stable since injury

    health status- healthy

    height- 5'8 (but I seriously think I'm getting taller. at 22? WTF?!! my pants can't get ANY longer)


    gender- female

    activity level- I guess. not sure what to gauge this by? compared to pre SCI, not active. compared to when first injured, very active.

    I was very slender pre SCI...5'8 ~110. I was always trying to gain weight. my whole life I was used to making a point to eat more and put on more weight. I looooove food....jus had scary fast metabolism. not the case post. I lost some weight after being in ICU, trach, stomach tube, etc. When I got home from the hospital I ate like a bat out of hell. I guess the rapid weight gain is what landed me the Buddha belly I now own. ugggg. at least my boobs got bigger too.

    " The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
    - Alan Kay

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    As a rule of thumb, when you look at the life insurance weight tables, you can subtract 10% from that for someone with paraplegia, and 15% for someone with tetraplegia. Amputations of course also have to be accounted for in some.

    We have a scale we use for our homecare nurse. It is two scales with a board built across them and a removable ramp that attaches. You roll up the little ramp, get the chair balanced on the platform, then remove the ramp. You add the weights from the two scales. Repeat with the empty chair and subtract. We purchased ours, but it would be fairly easy to make at home. I could take photos if anyone is interested.

    Check with your local rehab center or hospital. More and more now have wheelchair scales. We have many people from the community who come to use our wheelchair scales, not just our patients.


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    Dude, Varian, You're Hot. no need to worry.

    lol. I think this whole forum is just an excuse to put flattering pictures of us up on the web.

    My friends in rehabs and I joked about doing a nude calender of "Wheelchair Hotties!" for SCI research.

    perhaps, i'll add something without being silly, My weight was fairly steady before, i lost some in the hospital, and gained a bit of muscles in other places and now i'm basically where i was before. i'm about 120.
    I'm very active and like to eat as healthy as i can, weight hasn't been problem.


    "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indominatable will." - Gandhi

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    Just got weighed today. I was a 6'1 17 year old when I had my accident and I weighed about 170 then. After the accident I got down to almost 130. Now after 5 years, I am 160 pounds. I also think I might have grown an inch or two.

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    Was 145, now I'm 125. About 5'8".

    I have met the dragon. . .

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    T10 incomplete since 1996 - not sure exactly but i think i weigh btw 180-190. Need to get back into gym as soon as i'm rid of this cold/flu

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    I am 5'7" and C6/C7 incomplete.

    Pre SCI the most I ever weighed was 190.

    I started working out and eating better and got down to 165. I stayed there until my accident.

    After ICU they were excited that I had a good appitite and encouraged me to eat. Unfortunatly they didn't tell me to slow down when I got home and Ben and Jerry's Half Baked was the only thing that seemed to make life bearable for a while. I have changed my eating habits and am being more active now. At my last weigh in I was 194. I am trying to do something about it.


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    I am so JEALOUS!! You have abs. I am T6 complete, had about the same % bodyfat....but am now dealing with the stomach "pooch". I am trying very hard to reactivate my abs.

    How far down is your sensation line?

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