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Thread: laptop use

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    laptop use

    I'm thinking of getting a laptop to use when in bed. I type with sticks in splints. Is that method conducive to using a laptop (moving the pointer, etc.?)


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    Alan, do you mean using one of those pads on the laptop to move the cursor - and not using a mouse?

    If you do, I don't think the cursor will respond much to anything other than finger. It seems to recognize the warmth, I think.
    I've just tried some objects to move my cursor, and it won't respond.

    Also, if using a laptop in bed (which I am at the moment), be sure not to have it directly on your lap. They get so hot. I've got mine on a tray right now - I don't want a burn.
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    It uses conductance. I use my knuckle for the mouse.

    But like Keps says......... Do not rest it on your lap.... They're no longer called laptops... They're Notebooks.

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    Get a trackball and voice recognition. I use mine in bed all the time, but I have it on a rolling table that I can move out of the way when I'm done. I couldn't do it if I didn't have a trackball at least, and you can always use the on screen keyboard to type with using the trackball. I have a Logitech marble mouse trackball with the buttons reversed so all I have to do is tilt my right hand to click on the mouse. There's a function in accessibility options where you can set holding down the left mouse button by holding it down for a few seconds and it stays click on it until you click again so you can drag stuff. Good luck
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