all right all you kind ppl out there in CC land you know when it comes to this computer stuff I have not a clue as to what I am doing...

my sister sent me a few text messeges on my phone and the first one says to punch up and use this code: fbdedy , u3ea2t , hhkftk , 63ubcf .......I tried doing this and it gave me a bunch of different web sights and wanting user numbers..I called her up and asked what the hell I was supposed to do..she has no idea her sister inlaw text's this crap to her and since I have a computer I am supposed to check it out..she said that they are jokes .... but as I stated I have not a clue as to what I am supposed to do..
is this going to cost me or something?
do I have to be on some type of network plan on my phone.. if so that ain't happening hell I for get to punch in the area code half the time I use the phone, if it wasn't for speed dial and this injury I would not have it.

buy the way to those that helped me last night with my Personal Messege issues , thank you, I was able to save all my baclofen related messeges..

thank you !