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Thread: Self Catheters

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    Self Catheters

    Has any one tried the Rochester Antibacterial personal cahteter. I have had repeated UTI's and am using a standard 14 fr Mentor catheter.
    Also does any one make a catheter longer than 16 inches.

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    I just started using them, and I believe they are helping. I have been using them for about two weeks so not a long history.

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    Not anti-bac, but I use the Medline 14fr vinyl caths at home. I find them to be the longest of any caths I've tried even though they are listed as 16". A little extra overhang is good.

    Just measured side-side of Medline and Rusch Easy Cath I had leftover. The Medline is a full 2" longer.
    Rusch - 15 3/4 from end to end
    Medline - 17 3/4 end to end

    Wish I had some other brands left, seems like a helluva difference. It's like Medline measurement of 16" does not include connector where the other does.

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    Mentor makes an estension tube to add to your cath if you need length. I'm guessing it it will give you and extra 12 inches. I'll find the info when I get home, if you need it.

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