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Thread: Inserting a temporary cathether

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    Inserting a temporary cathether

    Hi i wonder if you can help me, at this moment i have an helper to help me catherise myself every 3 hours. I dont always wanna take my helper with wer i go so i want to know if i can put in the cathether and just connect a leg bag to it for a few hours or a weekend

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    Do you have tenodesis? If so, you should be able to straight cath yourself with clean technique.

    While you can insert an indwelling foley catheter for temporary use, it must be inserted with sterile technique by someone who knows how to do this, and of course the use of this increases your risks for UTIs and other complications. The catheters also cannot be reused, so this can run into a bit of money as they are fairly expensive, and insurance will rarely pay for more than 1-2 a month.


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