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Thread: What's your weather...

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    68 degrees at 7 am.It has been in the high 80s all week. I don't miss the cold and snow. We could use alot of rain.

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    Snowing and blowing and freezing.
    I use to love it but it sure ain't wheelchair friendly

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    Last Update on Dec 14, 1:53 pm EST

    Humidity:68 %
    Wind Speed:SE 8 MPH
    Barometer:30.02" (1016.5 mb)
    Dewpoint:73°F (23°C)
    Heat Index:92°F (33°C)
    Visibility:10.00 mi.

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    Sunny and just above freezing today. The snow looks so pretty .... reminds me why I do like New England. But more tomorrow .....

    Agree about it not being wheelchair friendly ..... I still havent found any gloves that 1. I can control the chair in on slopes 2. Keep my hands warm and 3. Keep them dry So far can only cover 2 of the three.
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    -1 and the boiler is broke so we have no heating

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    we are getting ready forr a winter storm about 1/4 to 1" of Ice, then turn to snow if they are close to even being right. Oh yeah winds tomorrow 40 mph gust's and sustained 20 mph Sunday..... maybe close to being a blizzard here in Southern Indiana.

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    Sorry to hear your weather Duge. I'm just 70 miles south of you and not in for that mess. We are only suppose to get snow with maybe a mix of rain. I'll save my ice for my margarita.
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    SNOW about 2-3 inches so far this morning and a hi of 28 with a low of 18
    break out the sun screen!

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    Baltimore is about to get a Nor'eeaster that fortunately will be nearly all rain here. Western Maryland is supposed to get lots of ice.

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    Observed at: Windsor Airport 6:00 AM EST Sunday 16 December 2007
    Temperature -5°C Pressure/ Tendency 99.7 kPa↓ Visibility 0.8 km Humidity 91 % Wind Chill -12 Dewpoint -6°C Wind N 26 km/h gust 35 km/h Winter storm warning in effect.

    Today Snow at times heavy. Snow at times mixed with ice pellets early this morning. Risk of freezing rain. Snow and ice pellet amount 15 to 25 cm. Blowing snow. Wind northeast 40 km/h gusting to 70. High zero. Tonight Snow ending early this evening then clearing. Local blowing snow this evening. Wind northwest 40 km/h gusting to 60 becoming west 20 near midnight. Low minus 6.
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