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Thread: What's your weather...

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    Dec 2006
    Southern Indiana

    What's your weather...

    I've been hearing about different weather from across the country. What is your pin point weather?

    Midway between Evansville, IN and Louisville, KY - mid 60's partly sunny.
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    Macomb, Il
    here in McDonough county we got off lucky, it started to freeze last night then it just turned to rain,it just missed us and went north..35 and dropping down to 28 for a low

    how is it north of Burrlington, Ia.? and up toward chicago?
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    East Haven, CT
    Here on the shoreline of Connecticut we have been getting freezing rain on and off. We are due another bout of it Wednesday and Thursday and then again on Sunday. Today the high is 41...tomorrow..30s. Lucky us.
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    Sunny right now with 60 F. predicted for the high for today.
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    89 Sunshine.

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    Nashville, TN is sunny and 75 today 12-11-07.

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    81 and sunny right now.
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    82 degrees, blue sky with snowy white clouds. Wind about 10 mph from the SW. Looking forward to the next cold front due this weekend. I want to turn off the AC.

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    35 and very foggy in the Lou.

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    Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains
    Southeastern Colorado....

    7inches of the whitestuff on Sunday
    5inches more of the whitestuff today
    = alot of snow and still snowing

    It was in the 20's when I came in to work today.
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