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Thread: AD during/after surgery

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    AD during/after surgery

    I'm having my gallbladder yanked out tomorrow and was wondering........

    I get severe headaches with a really bad bladder infection and bad rhoids. Do you think surgery will cause the same pounding headaches? Its only happened 3-4 times in 6 years, but WOW it hurts like a bizatch!

    For those of you T-6 or higher, experienced AD, and had surgery please chime in.


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    Hopefully your surgeon, and especially anesthesiologist, will be familiar with SCI issues. I don't know the answer to your question - but I would suggest voicing your concern to them - hopefully they will be able to prevent this. I'd certainly make them aware of it.

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    As a quad who experiences AD from trauma, I have had multiple surgeries and AD has not be a problem during any of them. Most anesthesiologists are familiar with the problem. To ease your concerns, mention it to your surgeon. Also, you will likely meet the anesthesiologist before your surgery and you can tell him or her directly about your concern. You may experience some after you awaken but those folks are usually quite good at dealing with the issue. If you are having laparoscopic surgery, you may not even know you had it. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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    Moving this to Care.

    Yes, any surgery below the level of your injury can cause AD. AD during surgery will vary depending on the type of anesthesia used, but your anesthesiologist should know how to control should discuss their knowledge of this with them during your pre-operative visit with the anesthesiologist. You can also get it during the post-operative recovery period when someone who is AB would normally be taking pain medications. Pain meds can help, but often we find that the use of nitroglyercine paste or oral (not chewed or crushed) nifedipine as needed for AD symptoms is sufficient.


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    Thanks for the responses- I have discussed this with the anesthesiologist and I tried to educate them as much as possible, but unfortunately every SCI is different. Nobody in this area specializes in SCI's but I'm confident in their surgical abilities.

    KLD you mentioned Nitro paste; isn't the headache after use as bad as the AD headache?

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    As kld said surgery can cause ad. A good anesthesiologist may suggest a spinal in addition to a local. I was told that anesthesia alone would not prevent ad. That is why my doc recommended a spinal when I had my bladder surgery. I don't want to scare you but talk to your doc about this. Your blood pressure could possibly rise during surgery. Laproscopic isn't quite so invasive it may not be an issue for you if you take that route. One of my first surgeries were back surgery and just under a local. Blood pressure did rise, but it could have happened anyway. After that docs put me under and spinal. Talk to your anesthesiologist, not the doctor so much who is performing the surgery.

    If you have one, you could discuss this with your physiatrist. He could help you out more and if needed talk to your surgical team.

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    I forgot to mention that we have seen AD caused just by the abdominal gas distention needed to do laproscopic abdominal surgery, and it may continue until the C02 gas used is complete absorbed (several days).

    Not everyone gets headaches from nitropaste, and at least you are not going to stroke out due to it unlike an untreated AD episode.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post

    Not everyone gets headaches from nitropaste, and at least you are not going to stroke out due to it unlike an untreated AD episode.

    You can't argue with that logic. LOL

    Thanks KLD

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    I just had Surgery last Friday and it was not an issue and I'm t4 complete. I tried to discuss it with the Anathesia doc right before the operation and handed him a list of meds that will get rid of a/d should it occurr and he took real offense to it. He said to me "I am the doctor here", not really the most comforting thing before being knocked out for a couple hours but everything turned out fine. He was gonna do a spinal originally but could not get the needle into my spine for some reason. A friend told me the other day you gotta be really bent over to get the needles to go in and I was not, I was laying flat on my side.

    My Uro doc who performed the surgery did a great job, looks like the operation was a success, it was a Sphinterotomy. I've had a little more a/d than normal since the surgery, but everything is still healing. I was having even more a/d until I got the Foley cath out yesterday.
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    Just wishing you a speedy and comfortable recovery.

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