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Thread: weight shifts/pressure relief

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    weight shifts/pressure relief

    how do you do them and how often?
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    just shifting your weight from side to side, staying off one area. they told me to do them every 15 min or so.

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    any specific technique? i can't do pushups, so i lean foreward or to the sides... i'm going from a ride designs cushion to a stimulite, so i need to work on doing them more
    "All of us are all too stuck strapped to a chair watching our lives blow up..."

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    If you don't have much sensation, which I'm assuming is the case with you being c4, do them regiliously at rediculously short intervals. It doesn't take much, especially with an injury as new as yours, to get a sore started that will land you in 24/7 bed rest before you can even blink. And unfortunately, bed rest is on the less severe end of the spectrum of what can happen...
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    If you can't do push-ups, leaning all the way forward every 15 minutes (buy a $10 watch that you can set to beep every 15 minutes) or so is probably your best way to go. It sucks if you don't have the trunk strength to get yourself back up (meaning you always have to have someone there to help you) but it's just something you have to do and get used to. Before I could pull myself back up, I would do them in front of a table or window sill. I'd keep my hands on the table and push myself back up from there.

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    When first out of rehab I couldn;t lift up either, and I did them by either leaning forward as far as possible, or leaning side to side as far as possible. I would mix it up a bit. First forward, next time to the side, etc. If there is any way you can get pressure mapped on your cushion you could see what is effective for you. I have since moved to a 4 inch roho, and the mapping showed that I got complete pressure relief with the leaning method, w/o even leaning as far as I was. I also get enough relief by lifting up almost all the way, w/o having to do a full push up.
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    My wife uses a cheap kitchen timer ($1 at the dollar store when they have them; we bought several) that she clips on to her clothes; she sets it to half an hour. She also can't lift herself. Side to side as far as possible, and also forward. You can't do it too often.
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    p.s. she also tilts in her powerchair
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    using an soft armchair [lamb leather ...recliner one]....a proper cushion and keeping my legs elevated helped me a lot to prevent the sores.i also push hard to increase my triceps every hour .in bed is not a problem ....i `ve learned to turn ...using the bars[hospital bed].every muscle of my body hurts like hell [spasms]...i cry and ,turn.
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    Do you have a power or manual chair, JBinny?

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    leaning forward seems like it will work best for you, if you can't get back up on your own use a table or chair like others have said. side 2 side, pushing one way with one arm if you can't do both arms at once for push up.
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    well, i've been doing the leaning method since i started using a manual chair full time... 8 months or so. like i said, i'm planning on going to a stimulite xs from a ride designs r1 demo, but since noone around here can seem to get a demo for me i'm gonna hope i can get enough pressure off my butt.
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