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    any input on the non extended release?
    information is sketchy on the net , all i seem to find in the er version. the leaflet that came with the med, made it sound more complicated than oxycodone, it said do not take opana within 1 hour of food
    anyone find it more constipating than the oxycodone
    cauda equina

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    Opana non er

    It hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt absolulty awful for a good day and half the night . I had jus taken my first dose. Grrrrrrrrr
    SM/ACM Surgery in 1999

    When the world says "give up"; hope whispers "try one more time"

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    were you on oxycontin before they started you on opana er?
    i would think you would have had to be on a short acting oxy first before starting a long acting.
    cauda equina

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    hey metro,can you keep us posted on how things go with the opana?i have been thinking very hard about trying this med oxycontin just isn't doing it for me anymore.any info would be very greatly appreciated.

    are you still on this Raz,or did you end up going off it becasue of some level of side effects?thanks guys,marcia

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    opana er

    ye s it was the short acting one . so then dr. put me on the ER . But it mess my bowels up so much Dr,. in the ER said no more . no I am not on it anymore . Mehtadone and Opana ER did help with pain but the side effects we terrible. I am back on Tramadol 400mg a day .
    SM/ACM Surgery in 1999

    When the world says "give up"; hope whispers "try one more time"

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    Quote Originally Posted by metronycguy
    any input on the non extended release?
    information is sketchy on the net , all i seem to find in the er version. the leaflet that came with the med, made it sound more complicated than oxycodone, it said do not take opana within 1 hour of food
    anyone find it more constipating than the oxycodone
    Mike ,
    I was recently switched from Oxycontin to Opana ER and IR. We are still titrating the dosage upward for adequate pain relief so I'm not sure how well it's going to work.
    As far as side effects go, you do have to take it an hour before meals, or two hours afterward. NO ALCOHOL , I haven't noticed any bowel issues with it as of yet.
    I've only been on it a few weeks, so take my input for what it's worth. It's supposed to be an easy switch ( whatever your current medication dosage is x .5) for most of the pain killers. It's expensive, but so far, so good.
    Sandi M

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    i am still on the Oxycontin and using the opana for the breakthrough pain.
    fortunately i have had little bt pain in the last week. i find it does seem to work a bit better for my pain. not sure how it compares on constipation yet, but come to think of it , i seem to have less.
    i have been getting away with taking 1 or 2, 5 mg in th evening for bt.
    if i was taking oxycodone , 10 mg a time would probably not work i would need 15 or 20mg .
    it looks like the pain relief may be better with the smaller dose of the opana. i wonder if opana ER causes less constipation ?
    hey sandim i see your in newburg and we have the same injury
    cauda equina

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    Hi Mike,
    Yes and yes, we do seem to have the same injury. I haven't noticed any constipation issues with the ER so far anyway. As I said, I've only been on it for two weeks now, and so far, so good.
    I went off the oxycontin because after almost two years, it wasn't working quite so well anymore. We did raise it again just before I decided to taper off it before the switch but it was pointless to take more of it when it wasn't even doing what it had before, especially at an increased dose.
    Are you in the city or one of the suburbs?

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    h i sandi, i am in lower westchester , but i spend most of my free time in the city, train is actross th estreet, i also go to harriman state park in the summer to canoe
    how does your injury affect you , do you walk or use a chair,
    did you have constipation problen with oxycontin?does the opano make you loophy or wacked, i know when i up my oxycontin does the first xcouple day sa im feeling pretty good
    what is your pain like and where?where do gert your doctord,
    i need a new physitrist , i haer burke has them,
    but it would be EASY to go to city too
    cauda equina

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    Hi Mike,
    I don't live far from Harriman State Park or Bear Mountain as it's known around here.
    I walk but with an afo on my left foot, and a 5 prong cane. I am loosing reflexes in my right foot/ankle/knee now too, from what the doctor I saw last week is saying, but I have been having problems there since the first surgery anyway, so not really suprised.
    I have bilateral nerve damage from my hips to the soles of both feet. Before I had the first surgery, I had patchy numbness on the side of my left calf, and pain down to the foot, along with a lot of lower back pain. After my fusion, I woke, with a complete foot drop ( had been a partial before the surgery), numbness in buttocks, both legs down to the feet, inner thighs, groin, and an inability to control bodily functions. Pain ? Wow! I have never felt pain like that before and never want to again....
    I knew something was seriously wrong, but they sent me home less than 30 hours post op. Things went downhill and it took me months to get them to send me for an MRI and CT scan to figure out what was going on.
    I have been completely disabled by all of the doctors that I have seen at this point.
    I had a second surgery in August of this year, to try to decompress and revise the fusion since it never took the first time around, but the neuro who did the second surgery, said that the nerves at L5-S1 were basically crushed and extremely fragile, he did try to remove some of the scar tissue from L2-3, L3-4, along with hemilaminectomies at those levels as well, and foraminotomies, and added bmp , replaced two screws that were bent and backing out of the vertebrae. He was hoping to reduce some of the extensive nerve damage but it appears that too much time has passed for that to be a realistic outcome. He was going to extend the fusion to include L5-S1 and L3-4 due to the extensive central canal compression at those levels but didn't due to the existing problems with scar tissue and not being able to free the nerves, along with arachnoiditis which has become the latest addition to my diagnosis list these days.
    I have to ISC every 4 hours, and have trouble with bowels as well. I get horrendous muscle spasms that literally almost drop me to the floor if I am not holding onto something when they hit.
    I was just sent for a scs consult. I've done my research on those, since they tried to get me to have one last December, but the nerves won't let anyone put a TENS unit near them, so for me, I think scs is not an option that I am willing to consider at this point. Too many problems with them, too many risks, and I've got enough problems at this point already.....don't need anymore.
    I haven't found that the Opana makes me loopy or wacked. In fact, we just doubled my dose yesterday and so far, so good. I did get that way when we tried Methadone, so we stopped that, but Opana leaves me feeling clear headed and able to function as best I can.....The only medications that really made me loopy was lyrica when I first went on that, and the methadone but we went on a straight trade of Methadone for that is probably what caused the loopiness or foggy brain.
    I still deal with a lot of lower back pain, which gets pretty out of control if I try to do too much sitting or walking, not that I can walk very far these days.....LOL
    In fact, they have ordered a motorized scooter for me to get around with. As soon as my insurance decides to pay for it that is. Hopefully, that will make getting around a lot easier.
    My doctors are out of NYC. NY Hospital for Bone and Joint Diseases. There are also good ones out of NYHSS. My doctors have offices here in Newburgh but do surgeries out of NYHB&J.
    I love my Physiatrist. He's a great guy and truly cares about the pain levels that I deal with.....

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