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Thread: I need advice from the sci nurse!

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    I need advice from the sci nurse!

    I was discharged last friday treating a bladder infection "serratia" i had disreflexia pretty bad up to that point. They did ultra sound kidneys/bladder plus an mri to rule out cycsts. now that i'm home i'm still getting AD although not as sever but persistent mainly in the mornings when i start my routeing. once i'm up it goes away. i'm on my second pill of Pryidium hoping i just really tramatized my bladder but i never have had it so long "3 weeks" I just started workinmg with a good dr "suzy Kim" who is a para as well. I saw her on monday and she was a bit puzzeled. She asked that i call her friday for an update but i left her a msg today...Anything to rule out would be great..


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    Do you cath yourself as soon as you get up??
    Wha i s your blood pressure during this time??

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    i have a foley. i'll take my bp tonight, it was ok at the hospital. i went in it was low 90/70 then in bed it was 99/75 or abouts. while up 120/90 highest was 143/?

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    Since you have a foley, double-check that it is draining properly and not blocked or anything when you're having AD. I think they say that's the first thing to check for, a full bladder. And if you have an infection you might have extra "stuff" coming out that might be clogging it up and actually causing your AD problems.

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    Does it need to be irrigated??? Maybe the balloon is inflated too much. You could get a syringe as aspirate the soution out then make sure it isn't oo much- don't let the catheter fall out with the baloon deflated- then re inflate with a tleast 5cc.


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    its not the foley. the whole area seems overly sensitive to the touch. even during my bowel routine.

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    Ken, I see you've been having this AD problem for quite awhile. You mentioned a rash on your butt from runny stool, and maybe yeast infection. Either of these makes me have symptoms of AD, especially if you are sitting on that rash (might put you at risk for a sore).

    If you haven't yet, check out the sticky threads at the top of the Care forum home page. The clinical practice guides are especially helpful. Use the CareCure search engine at the top of the page to find previous posts that might relate.

    Oh, and welcome to CareCure, I hope you get relief soon.


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    Any irritation can cause AD. Look for another cause.


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    Ken, check out this thread talking about a similar situation. They suggest the urethral sphincter may be irritated requiring excessive bladder pressures to void, causing not only AD, but also possible kidney damage, and incomplete voiding which results in more persistent and aggressive UTI's. Shew, that was a mouthful. They say to use a Foley catheter and have a urodynamics study done ASAP to determine bladder pressures.

    9 Month Long UTI and AD

    Give it a read, I hope it helps. Use the CareCure search function at the top of the page for related discussions, it's great!

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    Oxybutynin can help decrease bladder pressures and the foley, or indwelling catheter, will decrease the pressures. But tif used for a long eriod of time, he indwelling catheter will make your bladder capacity small and the size of the bladder wil shrink.



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