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Thread: Is the super pubic route the best way to go for me?

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    Is the super pubic route the best way to go for me?

    Hey everyone. In case you don't know I am a 24-year-old quadriplegic with a C-5 C-6 injury. For the past eight years I've been getting cathed, and the problem that I have with that is that it is just a royal pain in the ass. I can't do it myself and I'm always relying on someone else to do it for me, and to make matters worse I am not on a schedule. I was for several years, but about four years ago I started to learn my body and could tell when I needed cathed, and then I started to need them more often than my regular schedule. For instance I would get cathed 2 to 3 times in the morning within a 3-4 hour span. Then need another one a couple hours later. Then I could go 8 sometimes 10 hours later without needing one, but then would need a bunch in a row, and every time I got cathed the amount was right on the money always between 400-500 cc. Then I started to need them at night and had to wake up my parents in order to cath me, and I wasn't getting any sleep, and they weren't getting any sleep. So, I was in rehab for a pressure sore from August to November, and while I was there staff was not used to the way I needed to be cathed, and sometimes the nurses would be busy with other patients and I had to wait sometimes 20-30 minutes to be cathed. So, I figured while I was there I would have a Foley catheter put in that way I don't have to worry about calling in the nurses and waiting. And after about a week I realized how much easier having a Foley catheter was versus catheterizations. So, I asked them to leave it in permanently. When I came home on the 16th of this month, I came home with a Foley catheter, and now that I've had it this long I could never go back to catheterizations, because there is such peace of mind. I never have to worry about my fluid intake when I go out with friends, or worry about being out with my friends and all of the sudden needing to be cathorized.

    I am going to see the urologist on the 17th of this month, and make a day to get the surgery done for the super pubic. I just wanted to get some information about the super pubic before I get the surgery, and also some input from people who have had this surgery or know somebody who's had it.

    The reason why I chose this was because I don't like the idea of having a catheter in my dick... it bothers me psychologically, and even though I shave my my groin area, I'm still worried about a hair sneaking into the catheter. I heard you can get bad infections that way, also if God forbid something happens where the tube gets yanked, there goes a lot of damage to my dick (ouch!).

    I am aware of some of the other alternatives out there such as Texas catheters, but I got a really bad rash on my Johnson from that and don't think I would be able to wear one full-time, also I still have something over my dick, which I don't like. There are catheterizations, but I know I don't like that. I've heard of this surgery where you could cathorized yourself for your belly button, but I need cathorized so much that it would be hard for me to do that so many times a day because I need so many, and don't want to be bothered by it. So, for me it seems that the super pubic is the best route.

    Do you think based upon the information and reasons I've given you listed that it is the best route for me?


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    I'm a c3-4 and canundestand your issues with the catheterizations. I had the super pubic done about 6yrs. ago and it was deffinately a good move for me. I had a foley before and was constantly having issues with blockages and that sucked. Lots of problems with AD. But after the super pubic much less of an issue. I still have to keep up on the fluid intake, but no problem with just draining a leg bag. I actually have an electrical clamp that straps to my ankle and I hit a switch to drain whenever I need. It makes life a lot easier. So I would say that this might be a good move for you. Good luck at the doc.

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    I've had one now for about five years and I'd never go back to cathing. UTI incidents will only slightly be better but you'll still get them. It's important to keep the site clean so that you don't get infections. I use a half I didn't peroxide water mix to clean my daily. I hope this helps
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    Dann21 --
    I am also a quad C5/6 female almost 7 years post. I tried several methods in the hospital initially, but decided to go with a suprapubic. Best decision I have made. Very easy to care for, change once a month with no need to monitor fluid. I also have an automatic leg bag drainer like fredmatt75. Gives me total independence for the day.
    Good Luck!

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    Yes, it is.
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    I've never had one (SP) but wore a Foley for a number of reasons including the cath schedule.

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    from the info you've given. one word......YES

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    wow! Such quick responses. Thank you all for your input. It looks like I'm on the right track. I guess the only thing that gets me mad is that I could have been on the system this whole time, and struggled for eight years with categorizations.

    I guess the only question I have now is for fredmatt75 & nuts4strugeon. Where did you get your automatic leg bag drainers, and where do you empty it at?

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    Why not mitroffanof?
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    Can I get info on this electric clamp? My friend has always used a leg bag and had been independantly emptying it, but since switching to a power chair he finds that it is harder to reach his ankle to empty himself. So, he is needing someone to stop by to empty his leg bag once or twice during the day. I think this would definitley be something that he would be interested in.......

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