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Thread: hand held shower head

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    hand held shower head

    I'am asking if anybody has an idea where to buy a hand held shower head with the control to turn the water on and off from the shower head itself... It would really help my husband with his shower , it can be a good christmas present...
    Thank you, thank you

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    check out home depot? thats where I got mine a couple of yrs ago

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    Target has a good selection. Just boughtg one two days ago. I reccomend getting one with the stainless flex hose vs. the plastic.
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    But can you turn any of these off at the wand head?

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    I got mine at Home Depot, and yes, it has a shower head shut-off valve.


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    hand held shower head

    Thank you for the information, I knew I could count on you.

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    Another one with the valve on the shower head.

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    Valve to attach to an existing showerhead.

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