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Thread: looking to be a caregiver

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    looking to be a caregiver

    hello everyone. i was wondering if anyone knows anyone who needs a caregiver or know where i would go. i live in southeren california in los angeles county. i am willing to be a live-in caregiver. anyone can help?

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    Contact the local Independent Living Centers and see if they keep lists of available caregivers. They often do, although they will not endorse you unknown. Also, try posting an ad on Craig's List, and check on Craig's List for those who are seeking PCAs. You can also contact local rehabilitation centers (the social work department) to see if they can refer you to those just completing their rehab who need PCAs at home.

    Do you have experience? Can you provide references? Will a back-ground check come up with any red-flags on you?


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    i Actually Do Have Experiance. I Am Recently A Live-in Caregiver To A 62 Year Old Male That Had A Stroke 4 Years Ago. I Am All Around. Doing House Work, Laundry, Gardening, Cleaning, Cooking For His Wife, Including Care For Him Which Included Giving Medications, Feeding Via G-tube, Bathing, Exercise And Do His Rom. To Be Honest, I Reaaly Love My Job, And The Family Loves Me So Much The Problem Is, I'm Too Exusted. I Would Go To Bed At The Time My Pacient Wants To (witch Is Around 12 To 1 Am) And Get Up At 6 To 6:30 To Do Morning Exercise. From There The Whole Day Was Pure Work Work Work. The Olny Time I Had Rest Was Lunch And 1 Day Off A Week. My Uncle Advise Me To Find Another Job Because The Pay They Give Me For The Work I Do Is Way Too Small ($50/day).

    i Just Need Help Finding Another Job, But I Want To Still Be A Caregiver. Can You Advise Me On What To Do? Should I Stay Or Look For Another?

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    keep your job while you look for another. $50 day is better than $0 a day looks like your getting taken advantage of somewhat.

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    I would recommend talking with your current employer. In my area (also Southern California), the going wage for live-in full time is more like $3,000-$4,000/month (with free room and board). For hourly work, you are looking at somewhere around $12-18/hour in Southern CA for private pay (less if you accept a job with someone who only has IHSS funding). You are getting less than half that now. Tell your employer that you either need to be paid more, or you will have to look for another position.

    Meanwhile contact the local ILC and see if they can list you, and also post an ad on Craig's List. You will undoubtably get calls. Just keep in mind that no matter what, being a PCA is a hard job, and you will work hard.

    I would also not accept a job unless there was a written job description and a written employment contract, and if you are looking at full-time, the employer should be taking care of your Social Security, offering to withhold for income taxes (state and Federal) and covering you for Worker's Comp. You can also ask about health insurance for yourself, although this is rarely available when working as a PCA.

    You might also consider working part-time for several people if you have someplace to live and not do live-in. This way you can do an hourly wage but travel to the job(s) is generally on your own time and at your own expense.

    Here is your local ILC contact information:
    Service Center for Independent Living
    Covina Office
    963 West Badillo Street
    Covina, California
    Tel 626 967-0995
    Fax 626 967-3132

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    You may want to add gender (male or female) to your profile. Some people prefer to hire only females. Don't be discouraged. If you have good references then finding work should not be difficult. Good luck.
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