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Thread: Gmail + chat + AIM = crazy delicious

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    Gmail + chat + AIM = crazy delicious

    Tuesday, December 04, 2007 12:01 PM

    Posted by Michael Davidson, Software Engineer

    I was pretty excited when we launched chat integration in Gmail. Finally I could chat and email in one place--but I couldn't chat with friends using other instant messaging services.

    From the beginning, Google has been committed to open standards and interoperation for instant messaging. So when our friends at AOL agreed to let Gmail users talk to users on their network, we jumped at the chance.

    Today we are happy to tell you about a new feature we've started to roll out which will enable you to sign into your AIM account and chat with your AIM buddies right inside Gmail. When you log in to AIM through Gmail chat, your AOL buddies will appear in your chat list with friends from your Google Talk network, and you will see the yellow "running man" logo to the right of your AIM friends' screen names. To your AIM friends it will look like you are logged in to AIM as usual.
    This is pretty cool app from google.

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    I say it's just delicious - I'll save the crazy for integration with Yahoo. Add MSN and it's insanely delicious.

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    handy note. i hardly ever use aim anymore, my main contacts are in gmail, but there are a couple who only use aim, now i don;t have to bounce back and forth!
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