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    quad grips

    anybody know the name of or where to purchase the tube like grips that quads slip over forks and spoons to get a better grip........ Or a way i could turn my ps2 analog controller into a longer joystick that i can grip?

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    Sammons Preston online catalog. I tried posting the web address but it would not work correctly from here.

    Search-Dining. Lots of cuffs. Maybe the Sure Hands strap.
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    Thanx a bunches

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    i used to have 'wheel-ease' (google it) covers, but found them to be a waste of money. theyre similar to 'awesome grips'. i paid loads for them, and then when they arrived realised theyre just a length of pipe insulation slit along one side with double sided sticky tape to seal the edge. my expensive ones ripped after a month and i replaced them with ordinary pipe insulation - no difference. but after another month, i decided to bite the bullet and shell out for a set of 'dualgrip' handrims - they work better for me, last longer, dont increase my width, arent obtrusive, dont get burning hot in the sun, and dont wear holes in my fingers going down ramps.

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