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Thread: Remembering Meson

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    Remembering Meson

    Some of you old-timers may remember meson. Here is his member profile. He posted here for a couple of years before moving on to bigger things outside the virtual world and in the real world. I met him in rehab, about a year after my accident. He was one of the first quads I met who'd reached the point where he'd accepted his injury and moved on. He wanted a cure like the rest of us, but he never let it interfere with living his life. He partied, he loved, he lost... just like the rest of us. Above all, he made me realize that being a quad wasn't the end of the world, and with that knowledge, I was able to move on and live my own life. And he was a fellow Englishman in a town full of Frenchies. Anglos represent, bitches!

    We had a funny habit of bumping into each other at the craziest of places... dance performances, all-night raves, rock shows... but usually we'd be passing each other on the street, because he was ALWAYS out and about. LOL... I remember one time about three months ago he called me up looking for some Viagra. This honey of his was visiting from France and he was totally stuck. Of course I pulled through... he was supposed to give me some cash but I said hey, it's your birthday next week. Fuhggedaboutit.

    But life can be such a fragile thing. On Saturday morning Simon Lortie passed away. The details are a bit murky, but apparently he'd called one of his caregivers early Saturday morning. She came by a few minutes later, knocked and not hearing a response, she left. When his regular morning caregiver came to get him up, she found him dead. They say it was a stroke, perhaps brought on by autonomic dysreflexia from a kink in his foley... a friend of his I'd talked to yesterday said he'd been complaining earlier in the week about a sharp, electric kind of pain in his left arm which apparently is a warning sign of a stroke? A lot of this is speculation but the end result is still the same. He was 30 years old. I was at his last birthday party.

    He was such a good, strong, caring, VIBRANT person, full of life. Always there to listen to a newbie who thought their life was over, he worked for the Quebec Paraplegic Association, he was a rapper in his spare time... I'm kicking myself for not going to see a benefit he'd helped organize and perform at only two weeks ago. Here's an article they wrote about him and his constant struggle with the Montreal transit board to make our city buses more accessible in one of our free 'alternative' weeklies:

    Bummed by buses.

    Simon, you can't imagine how much we're ALL gonna miss you. To know you was to have been touched by an angel. Peace out bro.
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    Here's a picture from the benefit he did a couple weeks ago.

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    Such sadness Christopher .... I'm truly sorry for the loss of your friend ... peace and light embrace you !!

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    I'm sorry you lost such a good friend, Christopher.

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    Sorry Christopher. May this be a memorial to him....

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    So sorry, ck. Rest in peace, Simon Lortie.

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    I remember Meson responding to a post about dancing....I'm sorry you lost a good friend, ck. Hang in there.

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    You never know - as the man said "live each day as if it were your last".

    So sad and if it was caused by a kink in a tube, a timely warning to us all.........

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    i didn't know him, but he sounds like a wonderful person. the world is going to miss him and all the things he would've done. i'm sorry for the loss of you friend, and i'm thinking of you in this time....prayers.
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    Such a loss. I hope that you, and everyone else touched by his light find peace.
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