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    i recently installed vista on my laptop and now none of my bluetooth devices will work and same when i tried them on my wifes pute which is new and shes running vista. Is anybody else having trouble with or i'm i doing something wrong. It was so easy when i was running XP i never had a problem.I can get them to reconize each other but thats it.the bluetooth devices that i'm useing are my phone,garmin 660 gps, my motorola earpeice.
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    I was listening to Paul Thurrott a few weeks ago and he claims that Vista SP1 is not going to make a major change to this OS. One would hope that it will resolve these BlueTooth issues. I am using Vista without any problems, but it doesn't surprise me to hear that you are having problems with BlueTooth. Below is a video clip that I have not seen, and it is Chris Pirillo talking about Vista SP1.

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    I was going to get a Logitech BT keyboard. If you go to their forums there are some posts about BT problems and how some people fixed them.

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