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    I have had a cold for the last couple of days. I'm getting over it and am not worried at this time, but I often worry about getting pneumonia.

    I have T-2/3 complete injury, and have a hard time coughing up the stuff that gets in my lungs.

    I get my flu shot every Fall.

    How worried should I be?

    What can be done to prevent a cold/flu from turning into pneumonia, or am I being completely paranoid?

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    I am not a nurse but I know they have a pneumonia vaccine that is often given with the flu shot. And you are not being paranoid. Better safe than sorry.

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    Taking care of yourself.

    Answer some of your questions?





    I fear pressure sores and upper respiratory infections being spinal cord injured. Both can be deadly. I have never had a pressure sore. Upper respiratory infection, yes.


    Yes, for twenty four days in the hospital when I had my injury. Twenty four days of misery, trach tube down my throat, seven broncoscopies, suction ever several hours and respiratory therapy. During these twenty four days I was so near death due to the low oxygen levels in my blood. Never again. So I do everything possible to avoid getting any upper respiratory infections such as the cold or flu.

    If I have an upper respiratory infection with a fever I make an appointment to see the doctor. No questions asked. I don’t mess around.

    I asked my doctor the same question, “What can be done to prevent a cold or flu from turning into pneumonia?” He replied, “Get the flu shot every year.” “Don’t shake hands.” “Wash your hands.” And, “Come into the office when you don’t feel good.”

    My doctor every time he comes into the office he washes his hands before he examines me. If a nurse comes in and wants to do vitals or something else on me? I ask her or him to wash their hands first. They have never refused.

    As strange as it sounds I don’t shake hands anymore. It may appear rude or un-custom like to say, “I don’t shake hands.” Depending on the personal introduction I just gently tap them between their elbow and shoulder and say, “Nice to meet you (Fill in the name.).” I have used other techniques with people too. Try it for a season and see what happens? Some years I don’t even get an upper respiratory infection.

    Next time you are out just watch someone and watch where they put their hands? Rub their nose. Pick their nose. Yawn into their fist. Sneeze into their hands. Scratch their face. Then they want to shake your hand and get you sick! No way!

    Another thing I do is to go out each day and get some aerobic exercise for at least 10 minutes. It helps to expand your lungs.

    And yes, get a pneumonia vaccine. While the pneumonia vaccine will last most people a lifetime, those who have a weak immune system may need to receive periodic booster shots. I get the pneumonia vaccine every five to seven years. I just got mine several weeks ago.

    The pneumonia vaccine is not given with flu shot. If you get sick the doctor does not know which shot got you ill.

    Consult your doctor for more information.


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    Pneumonia shot recommended every 5 years but of course there are many different types of pneumonia. Broncitis is another common ailment.I would be cautious but don't let the fear ruin your life. If you feel like a respiratory problem is setting in, not cleared in 2-3 days, go to the doctor as soon as you can. for inhalers, antibiotics as needed.


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    Thanks for the great ideas.

    What constitutes a respiratory problem? I have junk in my lungs that I can't seem to cough up. It's not a lot, I mean, I can breath, it causes an occasional tickle and my breathing isn't raspy or rattling.

    I'm trying Mucinex, but I've only taken 2 pills so far. I'm not sure how long it takes to start working.

    I mostly want to know what the danger signs are and when it is is prudent to get to the doctor.


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    Fever, chills, coughing,-really only a chest x-ray can definitively dianose pneumonia


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