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Thread: Any French-speakers?

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    Luke is a young french rock/pop band, not bad at all
    Raphael a french singer/songwriter

    'Amelie' - quirky parisian love with Audrey Tatou
    'Delicatessan' - bizarre, dark but humorous love story
    'Caché' - thriller with Daniel Auteuil
    'Taxi' (first one is best, there were about 2 sequels) - comedy about turbocharged taxi and driver
    'Diva' - sweet mystery involving young guy and an opera singer amongst others
    'De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté' (The Beat that my Heart skipped) with Romain Duris (one of the most popular young french actors at the moment) about a young guy torn between life of crime and pursuing his gift for playing the piano.
    'Auberge espagnole' - also with Roman Duris and Audrey Tatou about a group of young foreigners who all end up living together in an apartment in Barcelona.

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    Auberge espagnole was a great movie. i never knew about the erasmus programme before i saw it. Definitely enjoyable.

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    For a movie recommendation: Cyrano
    Absolutely fantastic, the language is beautiful, I don't mean just the French language, but the way the words are used, it is just gorgeous.
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    I love French movies. Amélie is maybe my all time favorite movie.I think she would really like it. Some other wonderful ones

    Ma vie en Rose (My Life in Pink)
    Le Huitième Jour (The Eighth Day)
    Les Roseaux Sauvages (Wild Reeds)

    If she liked the Jean de Florette/Manon movies she would probably also like Le Chateau De Ma Mere (My Mother’s Castle) and La Gloire De Mon Pere (My Father’s Glory).

    My partner and I also love La Prophétie des Grenouilles which is a twisted and fun cartoon movie of the Noah’s Ark story. It was released in North America as Raining Cats and Frogs
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    Although we're not french speakers, we enjoyed both Amelie and Chocolat.
    - Richard

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    More good French language films (not an exhaustive list):


    The Chorus (Les Choristes)

    Avenue Montaigne

    Just about anything by Louis Malle (esp. Au Revoir Les Enfants, and Murmur of the Heart)

    Anything by Krzysztof Kieslowski (Blue, Red and White are his famous trilogy of films)

    François Truffaut films including The 400 Blows, Jules and Jim , Day for Night, and The Man Who Loved Women, or the Wild Child

    Babette's Feast

    Jean de Florette & Manon of the Spring (two related movies)

    Europa Europa

    My Father's Glory & My Mother's Castle (two related movies)


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    Another must see, and a classic at that is The Count of Monte Cristo with Gerard Depardieu, a superb actor best known for French films but also a star in the US as well. There are many many motion picture remakes of Alexandre Dumas' story, but this is probably one of the best I've seen (it was on Bravo some years ago) and it never gets old.

    I recall Amelie as well, great movie. The French really do make very good movies, wish I could remember more of them.


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    Thumbs up

    my absolute fave ... Eric lapointe
    Les Colocs
    Noir Silence
    Martin Deschamps
    Linda Lemay
    Plume Latraverse
    I could go on and on if you would like to know what albums are the better ones I can list those to just let me know!!!

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    wait ... I forgot some!!
    La Chicane
    Daniel Boucher
    Jean Leloup
    Kevin Parent
    Michel Pagliaro

    I have an album entitled JE ME SOUVIENS it is a collection of 3 cd's with inserts going over Quebec's musical artists ... it is awesome!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    More good French language films (not an exhaustive list):

    Europa Europa

    Europa Europa is a German language film. It's highly recommended true story about a Jew who had to pretend he was a Nazi to escape the Holocaust, but thankfully the movie is not in French.

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