i want to start a website, more of a public service site to stop the dangerous , deadly drivers that cause 20 percent of the deaths and catastrophic injures.
my plan is to get people to start using car cams to videotape their daily driving and upload the aggregiuos ones. incident that happen daily on their drives, upload the egregious ones with location time and good stuff. from there the local police can be notified, and depending on their reaction and course of action. the fleet drivers can be reportedly to the employers. proof of notification makes them very liable if the same drivers injure someone in the future.oregon scientific sells a camera that is of for daytime use for 99 bucks, it use 2 gig sd cards and 2 aa batteries, a simple cheap car cam.
i am really fed up with the unnecessary deaths in my area, many are not dui but speeding, aggressive , distracted cell phone drivers.