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Thread: miralax side effects? anyone nauseous

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    miralax side effects? anyone nauseous

    anyone getting nauseous all the time and cant figure out why? i have been getting the weird waves of nausea since last summer, i stopped taking the constipation drug AMITIZA a couple weeks ago, thinking that was it, reverted back to miralax one time a day in the evening. still feeling nauseous and no real appetite, which for me is odd.
    i tried to think of what new meds i was taking or supplemts, the one big change has been the miralax and the senna.
    going to stop both tonight and see what happens. i was so happy with miralax too, it seemed to work so much better and much easier than trying to take colace 3 times a day.
    cauda equina

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    Metron, I have used Mirilax for over 5 yrs now and have never had nausea from it. I stopped taking senekot about 3 months ago and just take a CVS brand comparable to colace. Seems to be working pretty good for me.

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    as i was trying to figure out what i was doing different,i saw that nausea is the biggest bad side effect listed on rx list
    maybe i will be able to take it occasionally, i just need to get off this boat
    cauda equina

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    Yes, I know some people get nauseated from this type of medication. Do you make sure you have food in your stomach when taking it?


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    hi sci nurse yes i made sure last night i took it with food,
    the thing that was bizarre is the nauseous would be the next day, , with only a dose the evening before, that is why i didnt put the two together . today i was supper nauseous at around 3pm, took the miralax last evening around 9 pm .
    i am not sure if that was the cause, but this has been going on for months.
    i also got my appetite back tonight, i haven had an appetite for quite a few weeks, which with me is very different.
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    cauda equina

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    my appetite really came back after stopping the miralax 2 nights ago. i realized i was having these nauseous waves since may of this year, which was after the failed colonscope, they had me taking miralx twice a day , and sometimes 4 times a day. i was thinking back than the nauseous was from impaction and bowel problems , but it may have been the miralax.
    cauda equina

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