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Thread: My borther need help

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    My borther need help

    I posting this note in hopes that there's someone out there who can help me Saver Brothers life who is now a quadriplegic that need specialized care in a experience care facilities My brother was hospitalize in February 2007 because of infections in his body that form a growth that was pressing on the spinal muscle, because of this he is now a quadriplegic with little or no chance of receiving the care that is needed to give him back some mobility and a chance at a life, He also has a severe pressure sore on his butt that came from a lack of care and monitoring while in the hospital recovering from his surgeons, which just gave him even more things to over come, he has also had to endure mental and physical abuse while recovering from his surgeries, and the same at the nursing facility where he is now a resident and to top it off the surgeon that did the first four surgeries stop coming and have never follow up on my brothers recovery and now he has disappeared to never be heard from again. My brother is in West Palm Beach Florida where there’s little or no care facilities or resources to help quadriplegics and without that he has no chance for a life or evening surviving, My brother only has Medicaid that only seen to pay for the care at a nursing home where he cannot receive the kind of care and rehabilitation he need to survives, Sometime It seems like no one really cares and everybody seem ready to give up on him except me and my mother because we know what with the right care and rehabilitation he can have a life, but because of the lack of experience care facilities available in West Palm Beach and the lack of experience care that he hads been received at the care facilities where he is a resident every time the phone rings my heart stops of fear that this call is to inform me my brother had complications and have pass. I don’t know how long I can go on like this there have to be someone or some facility somewhere that can help my brother and give him a chance at life again, so please if theres anyone that knows of a place in Florida or someone that can help please contact me. Time is running out for my brother and soon he will be released fro m the hospital where for the last month he been, while in the hospital he has been receiving much better care then he have been receiving at the nursing facilities, he’s even starting to show signs of real recovery, but now if he goes back to nursing facility I fear that because of the lack of monitoring and its inexperience to care for someone like my brother his health will starts spiraling down again. I need to find a facility where my brother will be care for promptly because it’s too hard to watch my brothers determination diminish and my 73 –year-old mother cry because there’s on one or on facility who wants to help or the responsibility of caring for her son my brother, I pray to god for help and the strength I need to care for them every day I love them so very much. my e-mail address is


    Clinton Baldwin

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    You should contact the SCI Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital and see if they can help. He may be eligible for rehabilitation through their programs. They would need to have a discharge plan that is something other than a nursing home though.

    Spinal cord abscesses press on the spinal cord causing damage to it (not to a spinal muscle), and can result in just as severe damage as those caused by trauma. What is his actual level of SCI and ASIA category? Medicaid does pay for acute rehabilitation in most states, so I am puzzled why he did not get any rehab after his injury. Was he referred for services to the Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center? Does he have an assigned case manager there?

    Unfortunately if he has pressure ulcers, he is likely to need surgery and extensive recovery in a nursing home again (hopefully a different one) prior to be accepted into a rehab program. Such surgery should only be done by a plastic surgeon who is quite experienced in SCI pressure ulcer management, which could also be arranged through Jackson Memorial.


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    I grew up in South Florida, but now live in Colorado so I do not know to much that is available in WPB. I know that in Miami there are some great places, but I am sure that you want to keep him close to you.

    Be patient and you will find someone who lives in the WPB area that will be able to give you some help wit information.

    Stevie P

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    I do not know what his actual level of SCI and ASIA category is and because the surgeon that did the surgery is not available I'm not sure how I would go about finding that information out, this is all new to me and I learning as I go, also so the wounded that he has is starting fill in, as far as the caseworker at the hospital where his surgery was done I had requested he received some kind of rehabilitation prior to him being released but he never received it. I also do not know what you mean when you say he would need to have a discharge plan that is something other than a nursing home though.

    Clinton B

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    at this point I just want him to be in a facility that is experience in caring for someone with his kind of injurie and if that means we can have him close to us that would be OK because all I want is for my brother to get to care he deserves and if it means that we have to travel to see him that's what we will have to do, thank you for your message of hope.

    Clinton B

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    A SCI rehabilitation inpatient program generally will not accept a patient unless there is plan for him to go home after rehab. If the plan would be for him to go back to a nursing home, most insurances would not pay for rehab in that case, so the rehab program would likely not accept him. Can you take him home if he completes a rehab program? How much movement does he have? Is he on a ventilator? Does he have other injuries such as a traumatic brain injury that would interfere with him learning what he needs to learn in rehab?

    The nursing home must have records of his SCI level. Ask them for copies (he will need to consent to this) of his records. He can also request medical records from the original hospital. There will be a charge for this though unless the records are sent directly to a physician or other hospital. What were you told when he was first injured?

    Did you contact the organization listed above and ask to have a case manager assigned??


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