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Thread: spinal cord injury and hip fracture

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    spinal cord injury and hip fracture

    help...I've been trying to post. My 61 year old husband is c6-c7 for 24 years. He recently found out he has a dislocated, fractured hip. Any one out there with some feedback and advice? Thanks...pmd

    I thought I needed to add some more info because I have not gotten any response from my post. After a hospital stay in late August for increased spasms that caused breathing problems, many cat scans and tests showed some bowel impactions. The spasms continued so the day after Thanksgiving we went to our spinal cord doctor who found the hip problem. He called it a subcapital fracture. The xrays were awful. The hip was out of socket. The spinal cord doctor consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and both advised us AGAINST surgery. Has anyone out there experienced this? We are not too sure what route to take. it just seems weird that nothing can be done.
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    Moving your post to Care where you might get more feedback.

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    Hi PMD,
    So sorry that all this is going on. I don't have any knowledge with this sort of thing, but my gut tells me that they are probably giving you good advice about not having surgery. You didn't mention if this was causing him pain. If it isn't it seems wise to just leave it alone to me. I have to repeat though that it is just my instinct talking,not any real knowledge. Hopefully someone will post soon that knows a hell of a lot more than I do about it. I'm just not a proponent of any surgery if it can be avoided because of possible complications afterwards.

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    I'm a T4 complete and have had a dislocated hip for about the last 3 years. I have yet to see a doctor who has come up with any kind of solution (either surgery or otherwise) for this - they all seem to prefer to just leave it as it is. In my case the hip was damaged in my accident so the thinking is that resetting it would not work. It does cause me a lot of discomfort and sometimes crunches horribly but it's been so long now that I have just become used to it (not happy with it, but just resigned to the fact that nothing will be done).

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    I have no real knowledge of this kind of situation. I was told during a seating eval that splaying(spreading out) legs could cause this problem.I think it's called HO(hip ossification?)You may be able to do a search on it here. Best of luck!

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    Hi pmd,

    I have had this same experience with orthopedists wanting to treat these fractures conservatively, without surgery but with splinting and immobility.
    This is due to both the surgical risk and mainly because of a SCI persons limited mobility- the extremity is usually not overtaxed by excessive movement. I have seen these hip fractures successfully heal without surgery.


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    Thanks for your input. Our family doctor will be looking at the xrays and we may seek a second opinion, but after 24 years with the same spinal cord doctor, we really do trust him and value his opinion. My husband is experiencing pain and discomfort from the spasms, but his attitude is getting better. We are getting a quad chair cushion and we have adjusted one of the foot rests. Also, our doctor suggested a memory mattress topper. Even after 24 years, it still is frightening when things seem to be going smoothly, then something like this happens and the injury hits you square in the face again! the grace of God we contiue and know that all things work for good because God is in control!

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    Thanks for your input. It helps when you here from someone who has a spinal cord injury and is dealing with the same thing!

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    my right hips been broken for 3 years..all dr.s i've seen agreed that leaving as is, is safer than surgery

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    My name is SKip Bunton MS, ATC [ for more info] I am a personal trainer. I am currently rehabing a SCI who fractured and dislocated hip. Our training and approach may be of interest. I work closely with orthopedic surgeons. We will be colloborating on a book on SCI training for upper body strength [level T10]

    I just read your bio and situation. If you would like to know more let me know.
    Thank you

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