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Thread: Suggestion for additional FORUM

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    WOW - I just watched the preview at Netflix (it's available there) and that is not a renter - that looks worthy of buying outright unseen!

    The part of the previews the spins through only flashes of scenes as opposed to verbal snippets - you can tell it is a seriously emotional ride. The eyes were welling !!

    Rory O'Shea Was Here

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    Here's another way of looking at what you're saying Beth29. Let's you and I reverse roles.

    Given your comments about movie boards being inundated with trolls, let's assume there is one which isn't. Let's say I go there as an SCI woman who really isn't into movies seriously, but I've seen one movie I think I like. I go to the movie board and post.

    The SCI site I frequent has been inundated with trolls, but I notice the new movie board isn't. I post there, offering suggestions about what I see, comment about the movie I like. I mention I'm SCI and just learning about movies because while I've always been aware of movies, I never saw myself really liking a movie. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with movies. It's just that movies never came up for me.

    It has a sequel I may see. I alert the board I may see it. Being the serious movie goers they are some scoff at my suggestion I'll see the second movie.

    The second movie doesn't work for me. I realize I won't see other movies, but hey, this new movie board is much more civilized and nicer than that SCI board I'd frequented and I've noticed one or two of the board members at the movie site participated on a thread I started suggesting an SCI forum on the movie site.

    The movie board is affiliated with a very well known film school which does serious research into film history and has alums which are well established in the film world. Not to worry. I like this film board and afterall, I've actually seen two movies now.

    Eureka! I'll suggest an SCI forum on the movie board because everyone knows people with SCI are potential movie afficienados. Perhaps some among those with SCI would like to attend film school or contribute to the school. Those movie lovers never know when the SCI population could benefit them given the arts connections among some of those directly affected by SCI.

    The above scenario seems silly to me, but what you're suggseting makes about as much sense. Reverse what you've suggested. Yes, I find it just that bizarre.

    It seems even sillier given the mock up of forums/sub-forums for a film section. It looks like a site for a theater chain, not an SCI board.

    Yes, we need to laugh and enjoy ourselves. Darrel's right about that. I'm in agreement with him. A forum dedicated to movies doesn't seem to fit.

    Jukespin has started threads on various movies here at CC. There has been some response, but it's not been overwelming. The movie thread with the greatest response occurred when Murderball was discussed well over a year ago.

    The life forum is one place movies may be discussed as leschinsky wrote earlier in this thread.

    Just because you came here, decided you aren't bothered by trolls like you are when you've been to film boards doesn't mean this is the place to set up a movie forum.

    BTW, Yahoo! is a site where you may establish a private message group if you are interested in specific topics. I'm sure there are other such sites, too. You'd hvae control over who could participate in a group you established.

    That's not to say threads here on movies are inappropriate, just that if you're thing is movies and you've gone to the trouble of creating mock ups of how such a board could look, perhaps you'd be interested in being the moderator at an actual movie site or an administrator of your own site.

    Once again I'm thinking outloud.

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    MaryEllen - thank you for giving so much thought to this and so creatively applying a movie forum issue to me personally. It was well done overall with some minor flaws that make it not about your issue with a waste of space for a movie forum but more so your dislike of me. I'll show you how you could have stayed on track.

    Kudos for your effort.
    I wanted to point you that how you write about yourself makes me think you only see yourself as a sci woman. I know I am at a sci site and I know you have a sci situation. But I see this site as more than SCI. I see the questions posed to more than sci people. I see humans. I don't see you as SCI. I see you as MaryEllen. If all you want me to see of you is a sci woman - that makes me feel you think the world should box up all the sci people and put them somewhere where we don't have to see them.

    Why is it bad to have met people at a community at a time when sci affected me directly and if that direct connection disappeared (which it hasn't) that I don't turn away and sever the connection of the people I met there? The volume of people who don't loathe me here is far greater than those that do. "oop sorry, can't talk to you anymore, MaryEllen says so"
    So to make sure I am following your scenario verbatim - I'll list each thing you said. (role reversal)
    There is a movie board troll free.
    I'm a SCI woman who goes to this movie board but I'm not really into movies seriously.
    I've seen a film that I did like so I post about it.
    Back in my SCI site it's filled with trolls but the movie board isn't.(you kinda repeat yourself here but that's not a problem)
    I mention at the movie board I am SCI that I was always aware of movies but there's nothing wrong with that - it's just that movies never came up for me.
    cute! hahaha - sounds like lines for Seinfeld episode "he's gay, not that they're anything wrong with that"
    This would work in your scenario if I you divulged to the movie board "I'm a woman who isn't into movies seriously" (that is your difference with the board not that you're sci). [first indication this is about me and not the movie forum]
    Oh - and did the board you joined state in its T&C that you had to be seriously into movies and only seriously into movies to join?
    You see a film coming up that looks interesting and you alert the board.
    What were your motives for alerting the board about the movie? Or should I interject to get my unfounded suspicion to the public eye - like a subliminal message. "the jury will disregard the witness's last statements" [like that's effective outside a courtroom]
    [side note] film buffs never scoff at a film suggestion and they enjoy a difference of opinion or view point
    I saw the film I recommended and didn't like it.
    I conclude I will never see another movie. (underlined because it's an interesting statement)
    But the troll free atmosphere is nice and the SCI board I used to go to still has trolls and some members replied to my posts about a SCI forum at the movie site.
    okay - no action just thoughts and observations in your scenario.
    Will you write about SCI with your movie buff members even if they said you have to sift through the forum titled MOVIES because that forum encompasses all there is with anything in LIFE and SCI can be addressed there?
    The movie board is affiliated with well known schools and serious research into film history and has alumni well established in the film word.
    I like the board and I've seen two movies.
    Were you going to get involved in a class or go listen to a lecture on movies?
    These are just more statements about the board I've joined but no action.
    One time is confusing to do this - but now we have two paragraphs in a row.
    [second indication this is about me and not the movie forum]
    Eureka!(boisterous) [we call that melodramatic as in drama queen]
    You are turning an example of how one film can touch one person on a variety of levels (political, social, spiritually) and that same effect expand to the populous immensely into a name dropping stunt. Take the example as it was intended.
    I made my suggestion about the SCI forum because everyone knows SCI people are potential film buffs.
    Maybe someone with sci will join the movie site's forum on sci and as a result want to learn film making.
    Those movie lovers never know when the SCI population could benefit them given the arts connections among some of those directly affected by SCI

    I know a man IRL who makes films and he is a quad.
    I have one of his DVDs he gave me.
    He moved to NYC to finish his masters with film and art.
    And I read on the net recently a film maker's blog about going to Sundance and stuff like that. (don't remember where exactly)

    You say your scenario is silly - I'll agree with you especially when the 2nd act has no action and the scenario didn't stay true to the THREAD TOPIC.

    You say mine is even sillier. With the reasons you provided it makes no difference. Visual aides go hand in hand with films and movie lovers (not all). Did you know that all films have storyboards drawn up before filming is ever started? Point is - movies are visual stimuli and so are visual aides. Deductive reasoning makes it clear if I am into one - I'm probably into the other. Proof still remains in the action not the theorizing.

    You think the idea of a movie board is a bad fit for a sci site.
    That is fine. Thank you for your opinion.
    Your reason behind it seems to be you don't like me more than any other issue. Would you be so adamant if a movie forum was suggested by someone sci - and they gave the exact same visual aides? The issue for you seems to be with me not being sci and you apparently would rather turn a blind eye to an avenue of promoting your cause and issues just for spite.

    The response to Juke's threads were not overwhelming. Could it be something as simple as product placement? Could it be that movie lovers may not be 'readers'? Could it be they rather wait for the movie to be made then read the book? Could it be that with the topic buried within pages behind titles that are wide-ranging that they're too lazy to look? Could it be that Juke likes to take pot-shots at people and some might not want to reply to him even if he writes the most interesting thing of the day?

    Leschinsky never wrote in this forum it was someone else (I don't need to pick at straws) but you also didn't read ALL of my post because I reiterated that is where movies will probably end up AND I mentioned I should start my own website.

    And as far as trolls go - I have not seen any activity like they get at movie boards. For the record - I am bothered by trolls and troll like behavior.

    I already belong to a variety of Yahoo message boards. It's cumbersome and annoying to speak through e-mails. I don't reply very often to those either - just get alerted to new information. But a valid suggestion - so thank you.

    All animosity aside (I was going to say kidding - but thought you'd take it like I wasn't taking you seriously) - -
    All animosity aside I hear you - you don't see the correlation of a movie forum to this site.
    NOTED - very clearly - NOTED
    Can you honestly say in your heart of hearts that IF someone you knew at this site - say like Todd came up with the suggestion - would you have used these same reasons against a movie forum?

    Please don't say, "but Todd wouldn't suggest a movie forum" because that is moot.
    I chose Todd as the example because I wanted someone not already known to like movies (like Juke).
    I chose Todd because your ID's both start with Le or La or whatever.

    Todd - if I offended you by using your name - I apologize -
    and this is not to say you can't like movies - "not that there's anything wrong with that"

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    I haven't read your entire reply Beth29. I read enough of it to think, "Not again ..." I'm not going Beth29 point by Beth29 point.

    If Todd had suggested a movie forum, I'd still think a movie forum wasn't a good idea. I love Todd as do many, many people here. Todd is SCI and as such, his presence makes sense here.

    You're correct about one thing in the few words I read of yours above. I'm not fond of you Beth29 and neither you me.

    Seeing myself only as SCI? Not even. However, so you might possibly somehow maybe perhaps perchance understand how ridiculous your idea is for an SCI message board as a woman who isn't involved in anyway with SCI persons other than through this message board, I identified myself in such a way so you'd know I decided to see movies in the above scenario, that I was still me and you still you. That you don't seem to get why I wrote as I did is par for the course.

    Seems you'd like a movie forum so you might be a mod, eh? LOL

    Also, everyone here "gets" what you're saying about sub-categories. Pictures don't help us "understand" your idea of movie sub-forums. We're sitting on our arses not our brains.

    I'm not going through your above post to respond point by pointless point with you. When you start using colored fonts to write whatever it is you do, my eyes sort of glaze over.

    Have a great ab-I'm-not-SCI-and-not-involved-with-
    into-most-every-R & S-thread-I-can-find-oh-
    elsewhere kind of day.

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    OMG Mem, You made me spit up on my keyboard!

    p.s. I agree a separate movie forum is not warranted.
    Get involved in politics as if your life depended on it, because it does. -- Justin Dart

    I shall not tolerate ignorance or hate speech on this site.

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    LOL @
    Quote Originally Posted by LaMemChose
    I'm not going through your above post to respond point by pointless point with you. When you start using colored fonts to write whatever it is you do, my eyes sort of glaze over.
    Movie forum = unnecessary. Not enough interest and/or posts to warrant one.

    Jukespin has started a good thread - Movie Critics thread - that gets some activity, but even with a few regular/frequent posters, it's obviously not enough for a forum of it's own, much less sub-categories.

    Most movie-related threads/posts have been for 'Murderball' and 'Million Dollar Baby', both which have significant disability themes of interest to CC members beyond the movie itself - thus relevant to LIFE.

    Religion forum has been suggested numerous times in the past, with decision to NOT create a separate forum for this. Reasons have been given. DO A SEARCH. No point in having a forum with additional options if you aren't going to use it. SEARCH function is quite easy, especially if one has enough real interest to make effort.

    Many religion related discussions have been part of Political and Cure topics.

    Having a thread shut down has nothing to do with whether it has it's own forum or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardluckhitshome
    I noticed on your list, "I am Sam".
    Yes, Michelle Pfeiffer was in it, too. Je l'adore!!

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    there is a movie critics thread? I'll have to checK it out..see how his spelling is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beth29
    Todd - if I offended you by using your name - I apologize - and this is not to say you can't like movies - "not that there's anything wrong with that"
    No apology necessary, no offense taken. As a member of this forum, I'm not bothered by people using my name or me as an example.

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    Oh and Beth, I have to reiterate LaMem's point about the multi-colored posts, they're difficult to read. If you want to use several colors, at least pick one for each post. It's just so difficult on the eyes to read through multi-colored and sized paragraphs in one post.

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