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I find it curious that many (but not all) liberal proponents of global warming are adamantly opposed to nuclear power and buy into the hysterical nonsense of fears generated by the propaganda film, The China Syndrome.

One question: What do you propose to do with the spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive wastes from both current nuclear plants and the new plants that you would (presumably) like to see built? The Yucca mountain site is no longer in play, apparently, and there are no other plans currently on the drawing board.

Such wastes will need to be safely segregated for thousands or tens of thousands of years, and as yet there is no centralized location for doing so.

It seems reasonable to me that this issue needs to be resolved before we can rely more heavily on nuclear power - and the health and safety, not to mention the potential terrorism implications, of tons of such waste scattered around the country in questionably secured locations do not seem to me to be 'hysterical, nonsense fears.'