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Thread: How wide should your foot plate be?

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    How wide should your foot plate be?

    I know nothing about angles and adjustments on a wc. My DME will be coming tomorrow to order my wc. I am wondering when my feet are on the foot plate how many inches should there be between my shoes and the polls that hold the foot plate? I hate the straps I have to use because they are alwayse in the way. I use the velco straps. When I am barefoot my feet will slide off in the back get hung up under the the foot plate.
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    urgent advice::::::::

    in ordering a custom chair like a zr.....measurements are critical cause theres no adjustments on that chair. are you sure you wouldn't like a zra, which has some adjustments?

    your dme don't sound very wc smart. ya might wanna put him off till you can get some more questions answered and write it all down. just my opinion....

    to answer your question---i would say about an inch on each side of your feet would be appropriate.
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    I am looking at the differance in both chairs. Trying to decide on which one to go for. The ZRA goes straight down without an angle to the foot plate and the ZR has the angle. You are right though, I will need the adjustability.
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    maybe he'll measure you right if he's going off your old chair.

    the leg angles you're looking at are available on both zr and zra.

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