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Thread: Rods in Back Removed

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    Rods in Back Removed

    Hi all,

    I havent been here in a while, but I hope everybody is doing well. I have a question to those of you who have had your metal support taken out of your back. First of all I was wondering if you experienced a decrease in pain. This is the main reason I am getting mine removed.

    Second I would like to know if anybody has had the metal removed and had a decrease in sensation or a change of your asia scale because of the surgery?
    My surgeon told me after looking at my MRI that I had a screw going through my spinal canal, or column, cant remember which one...Crazy huh!! I had my initial surgery in Phuket Thailand at the best hospital, so im not sure if the rods moved or what. I have good feeling (light touch) (pinprick) all the way to right above my left knee on my left side and and mid high thigh on my right and I dont want to lose it. The doctor says there is a 15% chance of losing what I have because of that screw, so Im kind of worried about getting this done. Plus Im a full time student and this will put me out for about a month.
    I just want to get off the pain medication for my backpain most of all, otherwise I wouldnt be doing this and getting the rods removed is like the last resort.



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    I had the rods and screws taken out around 2 months ago. The doctor said that it may help with my neuropathy, that maybe a screw was touching a nerve. I have to be honest, the only thing that changed was less feeling in my back where they cut nerves during the operation.
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    Let's recycle - may I have them? I want my scoliosis reduced, but the orthopedist disagrees (he's not the one sitting with lousy balance and feeling crooked all the time. He is the one who had my aide hold up my shoulders so they'd be even when my scoliosis x-ray was taken, which in my opinion defeated the purpose, as nobody is holding me up when I'm sitting to reduce the curves and improve my balance.)

    I hope this works out for you.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    rods removed 1bout 18 months after initial injury....

    I was injured at T-8 level in Mar 97. Lots of pain. Rods removed in Nov 1998. Still in pain. Began to measure some rate of scholiosis curvature FINALLY in about 2001. Rate of bending was about 4-5 degrees per year, plus it was making the spine more S-shaped.

    Had new set of rods L-4 up to T9 installed in Nov 2002.

    Thru the whole process, the PAIN issue has not changed much. If I sit up and especially if I am doing something that is not "fun" then the pain gets worse through the day. If I am doing something that is fun, then the pain is more manageable, but at the end, there is somewhat of a big crash and it all catches up. It takes sometimes about 30 minutes of bed-rest reclining to make the beast quiet enough to be comfortable.

    The fact that lying in a bed for 30+ minutes can render the pain moderatley abated means, to me at least, that some of the pain is "mechanical."

    But for all the rodding--- and then re-rodding to moderate the scholiosis curving, the pain has always been predictably constant. Exercise actually helps make the pain less. Sitting stationary seems to make it steadily get worse.

    Small comfort in all this trendline stuff, I guess, for you.

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    Thanks for the replies I have tried nearly everything for the pain from neuropathic pills, patches, tens units, you name it I tried it. I just hope this works and there is no complications.

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    Everyone has a different response but many people report no change in their pain once hardware is removed, yet some people report lessening of their pain. I would continue as you have planned and follow through on all redommendations that can improve your outcome.

    Hope all goes well and keep us posted.


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    I had my rods from T7 to L2 taken out and have never regretted it
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    Okily dokily, I'll let ya know how it goes.

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    Good luck to you. I hope that it decreases the pain because the pain makes it miserable. When I had my rods, plates and screws removed my pain decreased so much that I was able to get off the meds except for an occasional low dose. I also had a screw through my spinal cord and a tethered cord, so having that removed allowed me to move from an ASIA A too an ASIA C. So I hope that happens for you.

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    My son had his removed (T10-L2) and within a week his fusion failed and his back was broken again. He had to have them put back in. He's very thin and they do cause pain, but not as much as a broken back. He was 2 years post when they were removed.

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