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Thread: Sea scorpion 'was bigger than a human'

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    Sea scorpion 'was bigger than a human'

    Sea scorpion 'was bigger than a human'

    By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
    Last Updated: 8:01am GMT 21/11/2007

    The giant claw of a cannibalistic sea scorpion bigger than a man is unveiled and suggests the Earth was once teeming with giant creepy crawlies.

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    they had something similar on discovery channel a while back..I found it rather interesting myself..but then again I am easily entertained

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    My son freaked on this. His first words "I don't wanna know. I wonder how big the SPIDERS were??" I think he has arachnophobia. We're easily entertained too LOL. A scorpion with a claw nearly the size of my arm. Ack!

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