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Thread: Eating more, less energy & feeling sleepy

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    Eating more, less energy & feeling sleepy


    For the past few days, i've been eating more food more often. My enerygy levels are very low and i feel sleepy during the day. My eyes are constantly burning as well. I cannot continue like this - please advise.

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    Several areas should be explored with your physician:

    1) Have your thyroid hormones checked with a blood test (TSH). Hypothyroidism is very common and can cause the symptoms you describe.

    2) Get checked for anemia at the same time.

    3) Get screened for diabetes. It is more common in people with SCI and would be consistent with suddenly increased appitite although most people have no symptoms at all. It can definately effect your energy levels if untreated.

    4) Discuss being tested for sleep apnea. This is more common in people with SCI.


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    Also, besides the medical factors the nurse pointed to, maybe get a psych eval as well. I recall you mentioning being depressed, or at least feeling/experiening some of those symptoms, which may be related to those symptoms you describe here. You note that it has been something occurring for the past few days, so possibly could be something situational or a specific event precipitating the symptoms. Try to think about what's been goin on in the past few days, as well as BEFORE you noticed these specific symptoms, to help better assist your Dr. in targeting problem and providing you best course of action.

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