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Thread: Scuba Trip, Cozumel Nov 07, PICTURES!!

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    Scuba Trip, Cozumel Nov 07, PICTURES!!

    Pics of last week's scuba trip to Cozumel Mexico! These are just the beginning. I'm posting pics of myself and my friend Jill mainly today, because I feel I should ask permission from other people before I go sticking them on the internet.

    ************************************************** ************************************

    My favorite dive buddy and very good, top 2 best friend Jill went with me. Here's something I wrote about her yesterday. I'll put it here because it tells a lot about the trip, and about diving with a disability.

    What I'm Thankful For This Year

    Most specifically though, my Jilly. The one that meets me in Cozumel, hauls my dive gear, puts it together, dresses me in and out of that damned wetsuit, jumps in first, dives the best, stays behind me so I never know until we watched the video that she never ever ever really actually took her hand completely off me, for four whole days. And then rinses all that junk off, hauls it, hangs it and does it all over again tomorrow. And always reminds me that I was an excellent diver and says I never lost it, after all.

    Like one of our new dive buddies said-That's love.

    ************************************************** ****************************

    I was a fanatic diver pre-sci. My last dive was 1 week before I bit it in that fountain, back in 2000. The past month I've done a bit of training in a pool, but this trip is my first taste of salt water since breaking my neck. I had so many questions. How do I get on the boat? Get my gear on? Get around underwater? Get back in the boat? The answer to a lot of that is trust, and other people's labor. They carried me around, geared me up, and if I got in a jam Jill had to haul me because I can't use fins. It was still my responsibility to check my own gear, making sure all is correct. You never trust someone else to gear you up, you are responsible for your own underwater life support equipment. Buddies always check each other's equipment before anyone gets in the water.

    We were drift diving, where you kind of ride a strong current for mobility. You'll notice I'm vertical in these pics, this is totally different from AB diving. I had on ankle weights, to keep my feet from floating. Vertical is the result. It is like being a spaceman. Notice how I'm hovering above the bottom? That's called buoyancy, it is managed through a combination of air in your BC vest and breath control. I was THRILLED to find I could still do it. That's the test of a good diver. A bad diver (we call them Sea Pigs) clambers on the reef, damaging it. A good diver never touches more than a fingertip on the reef.

    I'm going to write a trip report, but am in the middle of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the trip because it was superlative. Just perfect. Mods, I don't know if these should be in Members Pics or Travel section. Put them wherever you choose.









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    Was there enough drift or did you have a DPV at any point?

    I am soooo jealous. Before I was hurt I was starting to sprout gills! I was injured 48hours after my last dive. In fact, I've never seen my dive gear since Fiji.

    It looks like you had a blast. Congrats!
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    that's awesome

    Bethany, I'm jealous. I am a certified dive instructor for PADI for Open Water thru Dive Master certs. and also am a Nitrox Instructor and I haven't dove once in 8 years since my injury, let alone touched salt water. (this after surfing most of my life, diving, competetive swimming, etc.) What am I doing wrong and why am I resisting going back to the ocean?

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    Looks really cool. I live close to the Gulf of Mexico...Mmmmm?

    You look sleek in a wetsuit

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    JenJen and gpbullock-
    At T10 and T12 respectively, what's holding you back? If I can do it, you can, for sure. Look at my fingers in those pics, you 2 won't have those problems. You also wouldn't have the issue I do of being a cold-blooded animal, that takes on the temp of the surrounding atmosphere, right? That's my single biggest problem, so far. I bet my body temp was 89 at one point, no joke.

    If you guys need training info, let me know. I've sure got the hook up now. Each dis diver brought a buddy. Each team had a dive instructor. Mine was the founder of Diveheart, he's trained hundred of dis divers and he trains instructors to train dis divers. Shelley Unser paired me with him (Jim Elliott) and I am forever grateful. He says Jill and I are good to dive together anywhere, anytime, now. He did recommend a 3rd AB buddy, for Jill's safety and to split the work. He also says every dis diver needs an underwater signaling device. The rest is just weighting, trim, stuff like that. Boat diving is the only way to go, I think my shore diving days are done.

    JenJen-The 1st day was the least current I've ever seen in Coz, which was kind of good since we were just getting situated. After that, good fast current every day.

    Ala-Never have dived Florida. Sure wouldn't mind trying. Thanks for the sleek comment, I saw those pics and kind of winced. Spacegirl has bony legs.

    gp, I keep thinking about your question. I resisted this a long time. I wasn't comfortable with any scenario I could come up with. When I realized I'd landed in the lap of people that do this professionally, I got over it right quick. They needed me, because they were training instructors to be dis instructor in Albuquerque. They needed a disabled person that could dive. I needed them to get me over the hurdles, the million questions. It was all so serendipitous. I hunted for these people for years, then they landed in my lap. I wonder if you're resisting because adapting the sport you love will confirm, finally and truly, that you are stuck with your disability? It is humbling, watching everybody do all your work. It makes me feel guilty. If I hadn't been ecstatic I would have been sad LOL, if that makes sense.
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    Wow, that is absolutely awesome! I would love to try that. That would be a dream come true for me. OMG, I am so envious! You must have had a blast. You have lit a fire under me that's for sure. I am going to look into it and see if there is anything like that available here. If there is, I'm in! Wow....I am glad you were able to have such a wonderful experience! Very cool.

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    Oh that looks SO fun! The water is absolutely breathtaking. You don't hear too much about scuba diving up here in SD.

    Thanks for sharing Betheny!
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    How stinkin' cool is that? You freakin" ROCK! I got a living coral reef with your name on it. C"mon down!

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    Can I go next time? Due to Noel and a bad something I ate I didn't even get to snorkeling this past cruise.
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    Awesome pics and looks like an even more awesome time. I soooooo wanna dive after seeing those.

    Glad you and Jilly got to dive together, to spend that time together.

    Good to hear of your adventures and see you diving again, B.

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